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We Have an Offer (Maybe) [updated]

Dei Lynam has the scoop via Twitter. The Sixers have made an offer to Allen Iverson for a non-guaranteed contract. No deal yet, because Iverson obviously wants guaranteed money. Full tweet after the jump. UPDATE: We have a Twitter battle going on now, with Kate Fagan tweeting that Dei's tweet is incorrect.

CSN has learned that Sixers have offered Iverson a non guaranteed contract which is said to be main obstacle in the two agreeing to a deal

Congrats to Dei for scooping SAS. Congrats to Ed Snider for playing the attendance card over the good basketball card. Congrats to Ed Stefanski for hiring Eddie Jordan which got the ball rolling and led us to this dark, dark point in the Sixers history. Congrats to Eddie Jordan for setting the franchise back five years with his asinine coaching decisions and style.

Congratulations to everyone who was hoping the Sixers would be able to get a high lottery pick to help turn the franchise around. This is a big step in the right direction.

It would be a coup to get Iverson on a non-guaranteed deal. It gives the team an ejector seat if/when things go south. I doubt the deal gets done without a guarantee, though.

Here's Kate Fagan's tweet, in response to Dei Lynam's tweet:

Source close to situation says CSN's news about Iverson being offered non-guaranteed is incorrect, that no dispute exists over terms.

That sounds like they're closer to having a done deal. Not sure who's side I'm taking in this Twitter battle, I'll remain objective.
by Brian on Dec 1 2009
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