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Wednesday Trade Chatter

With a shade over one day left until the trade deadline, a couple of new names have hit the rumor mill. I haven't seen a peep about the Sixers since Tyson Chandler was traded to Oklahoma City, but a few of these names have popped up in our own fantastical trade proposals, so let's take a look after the jump.
  • One day after reporting that the Cavs are happy with what they have, both Marc Stein and Adrian Wojnarowski are reporting that Cleveland was motivated by the Tyson Chandler deal to see if they can't offer some financial relief to teams. Oh, they want an impact player as well. The big name seems to be Antawn Jamison, but the Wiz aren't biting.
  • Boston is apparently interested in Raja Bell, but doesn't have the pieces to get a deal done. Bell's name came up in the comments here, and frankly after watching Lou and Willie play last night, I'd love for the Sixers to trade for him. Maybe Larry Brown is a huge Willie fan.
  • Kirk Hinrich's name has surfaced in a deal with Minnesota for the expiring contract of Jason Collins and Brian Cardinal, whose deal expires next season. This is a straight salary dump move by the Bulls, and they don't even get all the salary relief this summer. I wonder if the Sixers could put something better together.
  • Wojnarowski pegs Carlos Boozer as the Pistons' main free agent target this summer. I'm not so sure he's going to opt out at this point. If he does, do you think the Elton Brand fiasco will influence how much money teams are willing to dish out for a PF coming off an injury-plagued season?
If you see or hear any other rumors, leave the details and links in the comments here.
by Brian on Feb 18 2009
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