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Welcome Back, Rodney

http://www.depressedfan.com/assets_c/2009/01/carneywadefacial011909-thumb-350x342-8565-thumb-350x342-8566.jpgTom Moore is reporting the Sixers will bring Rodney Carney back after a one-year Minnesota furlough. Carney will reportedly sign a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum ($855,189).

Personally, I was disappointed when Carney was dealt away last summer. I understood the move (the Sixers sent Carney, Calvin Booth and a #1 pick to Minnesota in order to clear cap space to sign Elton Brand), but I was impressed by the improvement in Carney's game toward the end of 07-08.

If you recall, Carney had been glued to the end of the bench for a couple of months, then Mo Cheeks spoke to him about what he needed to work on to get back into the rotation. Carney put in the gym time and forced his way back into the rotation, playing important minutes toward the end of the season. As a matter of fact, in the final 20 games of 07-08, important games for a team chasing a playoff spot, Carney shot 43.3% from downtown (26/60), and averaged a little over 16 minutes per game.

Carney followed up his strong finish that season with a decent year playing for a horrible team in Minnesota last season. He shot a career high 35% from three, hitting 79 treys in only 67 games (1,199 minutes of action).

I don't expect Carney to have a huge role for the team, but I do consider him a step up from Willie Green at shooting guard, and he's a defensive improvement over Kapono as a depth at the three. He'll see some minutes and the Sixers could've done far worse for the 13th man on the roster.
by Brian on Sep 9 2009
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