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Since 2000 the three teams I follow: the New York Yankees, Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Eagles have not won a thing. This in and of itself isn't enough to send me into a fit of rage, it's the way that they go about not winning that's killing me.

The Yankees have lost in game 7 of the world series, game 6 of the world series, yielded a 3-0 lead to the Red Sox in the ALCS and been knocked out in the first round three times by inferior teams in the past six years.

The Eagles lost three consecutive conference title games, then got to the Superbowl and lost a heartbreaker, then had the worst human being on the face of the Earth, Terrell Owens, tear their franchise apart, and now have Jeff Garcia leading them on a fool's errand to either an early exit from the playoffs, or a middling first round draft pick.

The Sixers only made one legitimate run in that time, and of course, ran into Shaq and Kobe in the Finals. Allen Iverson apparently had his one shot in Philly, one year the front office figured out what kind of players to surround him with and Larry Brown's patience only lasted that one year, now they're trading him.

This is what I've been through over the past six years, and this blog is going to be a place for me to vent about it. Frankly, I'm going to do it here because my wife doesn't really want to hear it anymore and my friends all laugh at my misfortune.

I'll be talking about what teams are doing right, if/when that actually happens, and of course, what I think they're doing wrong. Here are a few themes you can look forward to hearing all about...

- George Steinbrenner is back to ruining the Yanks with his huge ego and non-existant baseball sense.
- Mo Cheeks' inneptitude as a coach is only surpassed by Billy King's as a general manager.
- Andy Reid needs to hire a GM and fire himself, or hire a coach and fire himself. He cannot wear both hats.

A little background: I'm 30 years-old, grew up in northern New Jersey. My dad was a rabid Philadelphia sports fan and got me hooked on the Sixers and the Eagles. The Sixers had Dr. J when I was a little kid, then Charles Barkley. The Eagles were in the Superbowl when I was 4, then had Randall Cunningham, Reggie White et al when I really started watching. I bucked the Philadelphia trend when Don Mattingly burst onto the scene in the Bronx.

 Now I live in Brooklyn with my wife and my dog, Westbrook. I watch every minute of every Sixers and Eagles game, and every inning of every Yankee game, and find myself muttering "I hate sports," at least 10 times a week, but still I watch.

by Brian on Dec 11 2006
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