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Welcoming Bynum

I suppose this intro writes itself...Andrew Bynum will finally suit up in Philadelphia, only he won't be wearing Sixers duds. Cleveland has already gotten more for their money than Philly did in their dealings with Bynum, but that's far from their money's worth. Tonight, it'll be Kyrie vs. MCW with plenty of boos cascading down on Bynum (and probably the hometown team if they don't start defending).

The 2-3 Cavs bring the worst offense in the league with them to the WFC tonight, though their defense is top-10 (8th). Terrible offense and decent defense is a Mike Brown specialty. Kyrie Irving's offensive numbers are down significantly in the early season, and Cleveland's most-recent #1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett, is 1/20 from the floor on the year.

As a team, Cleveland is shooting 41% from the floor, 31% from three and they don't do a good job getting to the line. The Sixers are allowing the most points-per-game (108.4), but in terms of efficiency, they're a little worse than middle-of-the-road (19th). Teams are shooting a hair over 40% from three against them, but they're best in the league at avoiding sending opponents to the line. Those two factors probably even out at the end of the day. Tonight will be interesting test, if the Sixers can make the Cavs look competent on the offensive end, I'll be impressed.

Matchup to watch is MCW vs. Kyrie, obviously, but also keep an eye on Evan Turner's performance. He's been shut down in the past by the defensive stylings of Alonzo Gee.

Tip is at 7pm. I'll be around, join me for one last time to see the first-place Sixers.
by Brian on Nov 8 2013
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