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Well That Was Easy

Al Horford was a "Did Not Play" thanks to a brutal flagrant foul from Blake Griffin a couple nights ago. Joe Johnson was a "May As Well Not Have Played" thanks to Andre Iguodala's super-human defense. The Sixers used both of those facts to their advantage en route to an absolute thrashing of the Atlanta Hawks, on the road.


g514f020811.gif Thoughts
  • Simple question: How many All Star wings does Andre Iguodala have to absolutely embarrass before someone outside of the Sixers blogging community begins to talk about how much of an impact his defense has on basketball games? Not only do I think he should be first-team all defense, I think he deserves consideration for defensive player of the year. Add Joe Johnson's 3/8 from the floor, 0/1 from three, 0/0 from the line, 0 rebounds, 1 assist, 5 turnovers, 4 fouls and 6 points to Iguodala's constantly growing list.
  • Much better game from Jrue, while he was in there. 6/8 from the floor, 3/4 from the line for 15 points. 2 boards, 2 steals, 2 blocks, only 1 turnover, but zero assists.
  • Evan Turner did a really nice job of keeping the Sixers fourth unit cohesive during garbage time. He finished with an impressive line of 8/8/7 with only 1 turnover. He basically ran the point for the entire fourth quarter.
  • Lou put on a show in front of his home town fans (20 points on 13 shots). Brand was uber-efficient (17 points on 5 shots!), Thad was aggressive, but had butterfingers for some reason. He coughed up at least four passes, which is disconcerting. Songaila and Nocioni both got more minutes than Speights. If someone cares to explain that, I'm all ears. Jodie grabbed 8 boards, which is usually 10 games of work for him. He also shot the ball well. Heck, even Hawes had 7 boards in 12 minutes.
  • I tracked the initiators again for this game, but I'm not going to completely blow out the chart. A blowout like this isn't going to be representative of anything. Instead, I'll just show you the breakdown by quarter:
    • 1Q: Jrue - 8 possessions, Iguodala - 5 possessions, Lou - 2 possessions.
    • 2Q: Lou - 9, Turner - 3, Iguodala - 2, Jrue - 1
    • 3Q: Jrue - 8, Iguodala - 4, Turner - 4, Lou - 3
    • 4Q: Turner - 15, Lou - 4, Jrue - 1
  • There's really not much more to say. The Sixers outclassed the Hawks in every imaginable way. I wish every game was like this. Now forget it, there's another one tomorrow night.

Player of The Game: Iguodala, 11/7/8/1/1/1(tov) in 29 minutes and Joe Johnson's ear on his necklace.
Team Record: 24-27
Up Next: vs. Orlando and Dwight Howard's big mouth, later Wednesday.
Game Capsule
Game Capsule from Sunday's game
by Brian on Feb 9 2011
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