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What Might Have Been...

The Sixers will take on a road-weary Jazz team on the second night of a back-to-back tonight. It's a big game in the standings, a game they really need to lose, and the circumstances aren't in their favor. If anyone in the Sixers locker room has a shred of self-respect left, they're going to be fired up to prove themselves after losing by a combined 88 points in their last two.

Two terrible teams will enter, only one can emerge with the coveted loss. Riveting stuff, so let's digress. Assume, for a second, the Sixers didn't waste the number two pick on Evan Turner four summers ago. Let's say they instead went with Derrick Favors, how might things have turned out differently? Discuss.

The tip is at 9pm. I might tune in to catch a bit of the mutual train wreck.
by Brian on Feb 12 2014
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