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Where Was This Against Atlanta?

This was the type of game where you hock your TV and put all the money on the Bobcats. If you didn't know the Sixers were going to get their doors blown off, you haven't been paying attention the past five months or so.

Here's your rotation chart, very few notes afterward:

I don't have a whole lot to comment on about this particular game. Brand was gassed, Iguodala's foot is a bigger issue than the team seems willing to admit. They only dressed 9 warm bodies. Speaking of warm bodies, I'm fairly certain Jodie Meeks and Jason Smith have no business even being in this league. You could cut both of them today and find replacements in the D-League who would probably top the production of those two.

Jrue got sloppy with the ball late in the game, which isn't much of a surprise considering how sloppy the team was playing. He finished with 7 turnovers and 6 assists. To be fair, though, he should've probably had somewhere between 12-15 assists if (a) Kapono could his a wide-open jumper or (b) the aforementioned Smith could get a couple inches off the ground and dunk a basketball.

Speights was probably the highlight of the game. He was draining 18-footers much like he did earlier in the season. Willie continues to be a joke, 15 shots to score 12 points.

Like I said, nothing about this game surprised me in the least. The thing that's got my brain spinning, however, is the lottery race. Right now, the odds of the Sixers improving upon the 7th-worst record (where they currently sit) are almost nil. They have one game remaining with a team below them, the hapless Pistons, and 2.5 games separates them from both Detroit and Sacramento. If you look up in the standings, though, trouble is lurking. Indiana is two games ahead with the 10th-worst record. Then the Clippers have only a one-game cushion for 9th-worst and the Knicks are only a half game better for 8th-worst.

If the Sixers can duplicate tonight's performance 7 more times, they'll be fine. But if they somehow find a way to squeeze out a couple more wins, we could be looking at the 10th pick. I really don't want that to happen.
by Brian on Apr 1 2010
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