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Who's Got What Left?

With the initial flurry of signings over, let's take a look at all 30 teams and how much they have left to spend in free agency.

Check out the updated list of free agents here. Below you'll find my best guess for each team, assuming all reported deals actually go down as reported. Key free agents of their own in parens.

  • Cleveland - MLE (Varejao)
  • Boston - Bi-annual/Vet Minimum (Glen Davis)
  • Orlando - MLE
  • Atlanta - MLE or cap space, depending on own FAs (Bibby, J. Childress, M. Williams)
  • Miami - MLE
  • Philadelphia - MLE (Andre Miller)
  • Chicago - MLE
  • Detroit - less than MLE in cap space (Allen Iverson)
  • Milwaukee - MLE (Sessions)
  • Charlotte - MLE (Felton)
  • New Jersey - MLE
  • Indiana - MLE (Jack)
  • Toronto - None (Marion, Delfino, A. Parker)
  • New York - MLE (N. Robinson, D. Lee)
  • Washington - MLE
  • LA Lakers - None (Odom)
  • Denver - MLE (Kleiza, C. Anderson)
  • San Antonio - MLE (Gooden, Udoka)
  • Portland - $9M cap space (C. Frye)
  • Houston - None (V. Wafer)
  • New Orleans - MLE
  • Utah - MLE (Millsap)
  • Phoenix - MLE (M. Barnes, G. Hill)
  • Golden State - MLE (C.J. Watson)
  • Minnesota - MLE (Rodney Carney)
  • Oklahoma City - $10M+ cap space (Desmond Mason)
  • LA Clippers - MLE (Steve Novak)
  • Memphis - up to $10M in cap space (H. Warrcik)
  • Sacramento - slightly more than the MLE in cap space
When we take a look at the list of available players, in conjunction with this list above, there are certain assumptions we can make. First, there are teams on here who are hovering so close to the luxury tax there's no way they're going to use the MLE. I'd put Phoenix in that category, probably New Orleans, Milwaukee and possibly Denver as well. Then you have to look at the teams who are banking everything on next Summer's free agent class: Miami, New York, Chicago, New Jersey, possibly Cleveland and Houston, to name a few. Those teams most likely will not offer a free agent more than a 1-year contract.

Now, let's take a look at the list of teams who can offer a better deal than the Sixers to a potential free agent (not including re-signing their own FAs). We'll also take into account the quality of the team. I'm assuming that a veteran free agent will choose a playoff team over a lottery team if the money is even. Let's also assume the Sixers won't offer more than 2 year for an MLE contract, which seems to be the team's thinking at this point.

  1. Portland - They have cap space and are closer to a championship
  2. Cleveland - MLE and they're closer to a championship, possibly willing to go beyond 2 years.
  3. San Antonio - Ditto above
  4. Denver (if they will pay the tax) - Ditto above
  5. Orlando (if they will pay the tax) - Ditto above
  6. Memphis - Can offer more than the MLE
  7. Oklahoma City - Can offer more than the MLE
That's really it. Seven teams who can offer more to a free agent than the Sixers. My guess is that Memphis is done with their wheeling and dealing after taking on Zach Randolph's attitude contract. Portland is really the only team in search of a point guard on this list. By my count there are no fewer than 20 free agents out there who are worth all or part of the MLE. Some of them will wind up re-signing with their former teams, the others will languish. This list will quickly dwindle: Portland and OKC will probably use their cap space, then there will be 4 or 5, depending on Memphis' intentions. Orlando and San Antonio may or may not be players, so the list could be as small as 2. At some point, this will turn into a buyer's market, and I think it could happen sooner than anyone thinks.
by Brian on Jul 6 2009
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