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Willie's Gone!

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Rod Thorn's first trade as the President of Basketball Operations in Philly finally rid this city of Willie Green. Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story on Twitter. Details after the jump.

Here's the deal, as reported by Woj:

  • Sixers send Willie Green ($3,976,000 expiring) and Jason Smith ($2,187,913, basically expiring)
  • Hornets send Darius Songaila ($4,818,000 expiring) and Craig Brackins, who the Thunder selected with the #21 pick in the draft, then traded to New Orleans

We'll get into the what the Sixers got a bit later, but on it's face, Rod Thorn did what Ed Stefanski should've done on draft night when he was at Chili's instead of working. He rid the Sixers of Willie Green and Jason Smith, both dead weight, and he obtained a first-round pick in the process. I'll give it an early A+, assuming these are the final terms of the deal.

OK, taking a look at Brackins college numbers, it seems like he's a stretch four, who doesn't really stretch all that well. He's got decent size, was a better rebounder in his sophomore season, and he doesn't block a ton of shots. Whatever, turning Jason Smith and Willie Green into a warm body is a plus in my book.