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Win #24

I've kind of written off the whole, "worst team ever" thing where the Nets are concerned this season, mainly because I thought they had some decent pieces and they've just run into some bad luck from the jump this year. After what I saw on the floor last night, though, I'm pretty sure they've earned their record.

Devin Harris was out with an injury, Brook Lopez is apparently MIA, they don't defend, they don't have any semblance of an offense. I'm almost 100% sure this Nets team wouldn't make the final 4 in the NCAA tournament, and that's not an overstatement.

For the Sixers' part, their pride actually showed up for this game. Guys were hustling, diving on the floor, boxing people out. It was clear they didn't want the distinction of being one of the unlucky 8 to lose to the Nets, and they made sure it didn't happen. I suppose it's good to see that they're capable of getting up for a game, though winning is counterproductive at this point.

Here's your rotation chart:


The Sixers were led by an absolutely superb game from Jrue Holiday.

  • 36 minutes
  • 8/11 from the floor
  • 1/2 from three
  • 2/3 from the line
  • 7 rebounds
  • 7 assists
  • 2 steals
  • 1 turnover
  • 1 foul
  • 19 points

Monster, monster numbers from the kid. Andre Iguodala bounced back from his recent shooting woes to drop 20 on 14 shots, more importantly, he went to the line 7 times, hitting 6.

Elton Brand had an all-around game that we haven't seen out of him too often this season, finishing with 8 boards (7 defensive) and 4 assists.

Jason Smith continues to challenge Thad Young for the title of worst rebounder I've ever seen. Smith played 18 minutes, and only grabbed one board.

If you're looking for a negative (besides, you know, winning the game) I can't understand why Jodie Meeks rotted on the bench until there were less than 2 minutes left. The Sixers had 20+ point leads several times throughout the game, there were ample opportunities to get Meeks into the game, perhaps to take some of Willie Green's 26 minutes, or Jason Kapono's 19. Meeks is apparently part of this team's future, Green is not.

The Knicks and Indiana both lost, but luckily the Clippers won. This win dropped the Sixers back to a tie with New York for the 8th-worst record in the league, 1.5 games ahead of the Clippers for 10th, 1 game behind Sacto/Detroit for 5th, 2 games behind Indy for 4th.

Player of The Game: The youngest player in the league.
Team Record: 24-44
Up Next: @ New York, Friday night.

by Brian on Mar 18 2010
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