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Wins and Losses

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As I was doing some housekeeping around the blog, I decided to take a closer look at the four factors worksheet, and throw a couple new rows in to see if we could find any hidden nuggets in there that would point out the difference between winning and losing for the Sixers in 08-09. Results after the jump.

Below, you'll find the four factors, pace and offensive/defensive ratings stats for the team on the season, broken down by wins (41) and losses (41), and the differential.

Four rows should jump out at you right away, eFG for, eFG against, OFR and DFR (offensive rating is points per 100 possessions, defensive rating is points allowed per 100 possessions).

I guess it should come as no surprise that the Sixers shot better in their wins. The spread, however, did surpise me. Almost 6% higher eFG in wins, and we're talking about an even sample size. That's startling. Possibly more startling is the defensive split, in wins they held their opponents to .480 efg, in losses they allowed them to shoot 5.5% better. I'm not sure how you can account for such a great disparity.

One thing that went against conventional wisdom was the defensive rebounding rate. They actually collected a higher percentage of defensive rebounds in losses than wins. That's a head-scratcher. Pretty much all the other stats are in line with what you'd expect. It's no shock that they played at a faster pace in wins, especially when you consider the increased turnovers forced. Check this out, though. In their wins their offensive efficienty rating of 112.3 would rank them 4th best in the league, their 101.9 defensive rating would rank them best. In their losses, their 101 offensive rating would rank them dead last in the league, their 111.3 defensive rating would rank them 24th out of 30 teams.

It's amazing to see such a night-and-day difference for a team with equal win and loss totals.


I also updated the sidebar on the home page to reflect 2009-2010 salaries, at the bottom in black.
by Brian on May 4 2009
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