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Worksheet Updates and Nuggets

It's been too long since I updated the worksheets, but they're current now. Here are a couple of things I noticed as I did the grunt work.

  • The Sixers are 13-4 over their past 17 games, they've out-scored their opponents by 117 points over that span. (6.9 points/game)
  • Over the same span, Dalembert has the best individual +/- at +120. Lou Williams has the worst at +13.
  • Over the past 17 games the Sixers have dominated the four factors battles, winning 57 of 85 battles. (check the link for an explanation of the four factors battles)
  • They've won the eFG battle 11 out of 17 games. As a point of comparison, they lost that battle in 23 of their first 30 games.
  • The past two games have been clean sweeps across the board.
  • As a team, the Sixers are mired in a terrible shooting slump. Over the past 5 games they haven't come close to cracking an eFG of .500. Their .378 eFG against the Nets was their worst of the season. Luckily, they've been able to offset the poor shooting by taking extremely good care of the ball and playing top-notch defense (excepting the Boston game).
Check out the plus/minus worksheet here, and the four factors worksheet here. A couple of alternative ways to look at the team's performance.
by Brian on Feb 11 2009
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