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Worst Matchup of the Year?

Some movies are so bad, they're good. So horrible, you can't help but watch. Drama becomes comedy, comedy becomes tragedy. You get the picture. I'm wondering if tonight's Sixers/Nets game will have that same sort of train wreck atmosphere. I guess at least the Nets have something to play for (avoiding the worst record in the history of the league). Preview and game thread after the jump.

The Sixers marketing department sends me an e-mail prior to every game, usually with some kind of ridiculous discount offer for tickets under a propaganda headline. Today, the e-mail was titled, "Come see the Sixers try to sweep season series vs. the Nets." Like that's supposed to be some kind of accomplishment.

Anyway, we haven't taken a look at the advanced stats for a while, so here's the worksheet for all games since the All Star break. Not for the feint of heart:

3-12 record since the All Star break, with 11 of the 12 losses coming by 10 or more points. Included in this stretch are losses to the Pacers and the Knicks. I think you could easily make a compelling argument the Sixers are playing demonstrably worse basketball than the Nets right now, and this very well may be the matchup of the two worst teams in the league.

I'm not sure Eddie Jordan could survive a loss in this game tonight, I think he knows that, and I think he's going to be coaching like he knows that. Whether or not that means a higher likelihood that the Sixers actually do lose this game is anyone's guess, at this point.

I'm not sure I can really come up with a reason to watch, outside of the slim chance that Jodie Meeks will see some time, and the high probability Jrue will see 40+ minutes.

This is your game thread, I'll be here throughout. Join me if you love effortless basketball played by two franchise scratching and clawing their way to the bottom.
by Brian on Mar 17 2010
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