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Wrong Bynum, Hinkie

In shocking news, the Sixers are reportedly, maybe, possibly interested in Will Bynum (no relation).

Seriously, though. I probably wouldn't hate this move. Bynum isn't exactly good, but he isn't exactly terrible either. He turns the ball over too much, but scores with decent efficiency. Most important from a "gee, I'd like this team to not suck so bad in the future," perspective, he's another guy who can put some pressure on the defense with his speed and dribble (which would bring the team's grand total to two such playmakers). Bynum has always played well against the Sixers, which probably gives me a more favorable view of him than he deserves. So get it done, Hinkie. Then all he needs to do is bring Nick Young back so we can have a Young/Young/Holiday/Holiday/Bynum/Bynum six-man rotation.
by Brian on Jun 14 2013
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