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Stephen A. Smith has had a column in the can, just waiting for an opportunity to spring it on the public for a couple of weeks now. In it, he declares the Sixers a lost cause. Saying they haven't accomplished anything since Iverson left. That the winning streak was fool's gold. That this franchise isn't going anywhere. He's been waiting for the Sixers to get their doors blown off, and he must've been salivating as he watched Houston do just that yesterday. He could finally publish this alarmist column and officially say, "You guys are going to miss my main man Allen Iverson."

According to Smith, we should discount everything we've seen from this team over the past couple of months. Conveniently, we should also forget that the Sixers were 5-12 with Iverson in the lineup this year. He declares the Sixers no better than 36 wins next year, if they don't add any players in the off season. Of course, it'll be tough not to add any players, considering they have three first round draft picks to work with. Smith is taking one game, a game which everyone and their grandmother knew the Sixers had absolutely no chance of winning, and puts more weight on it than the 41 previous games the team has played since Andre Miller and Joe Smith came to town. He also says that because the Sixers didn't commit any dirty fouls during the blowout yesterday, they don't have any heart. This is the most asinine thing I've ever heard. Lashing out when you're getting your ass handed to you isn't a sign of character, coming back the next game and playing well is.

by Brian on Mar 19 2007
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