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roundtablers.gifThe first week or so of November is truly a magical time of year for every die-hard NBA fan. Everyone's team has a shot, every cup is half-full, and 95% of the country hasn't completely forgotten about our beloved sport, yet.

With this in mind, we're going to try to educate ourselves here at the Blogs By Fans Network, as well you loyal readers. Participating NBA bloggers will be:

One of the huge benefits of a network like this, and reading blogs written by guys who know way too much about their teams, is you can get insight into teams you'll never get from the mainstream media. The idea of this round table is to glean a few pieces of vital info about the teams we all cover. Hopefully, we'll dig a little deeper and give you a few subtle things to keep an eye on as the season wears on. The other purpose is to provide a proper forum for Eddy Curry fat jokes, Shavlik Randolph homophobe jokes, Scott Skiles stick in the rectum jokes and all other forms of trash talking.

I'm going to fire the opening shot, with a couple of questions to each of the other guys, they'll respond on their blogs, post questions to everyone else, and we'll bounce it back and forth for a couple of days. Chime in in the comments sections if there are questions you'd like to ask/answer.

First up, The GM:

  1. The Pacers basically stood pat in the offseason. All the white guys are back, their petulant star, Jermaine O'Neal came back, despite practically begging for a trade. We're looking at the same team who missed the playoffs last year, the only significant change is the coach. Is he really making that much of a difference? Jim O'Brien's track record is a lot better than his reputation would lead you to believe. Are you a believer?
  2. How do you feel about Jermaine O'Neal right now? The guy demanded a trade, the team didn't get it done, now you have to rely on him in what you hope will be a playoff run. Do you believe his heart is in it? Does winning change things for him, or for you? I know my first reaction to a guy who turns on my team is F*ck him. How do you overcome that?
Next: Rickhouse:

  1. OK, I'll get the softball out of the way. Kobe in Chicago, yeah or nay? How much are you willing to give up to get him? Do you need him? Do you like him?
  2. To me, and pretty much anyone else who is not a Bulls' fan, Kirk Hinrich looks like a whiny bitch who can't stay out of foul trouble. Is this sour grapes on our part, or does he rub Bulls fans the wrong way too?
fatq.jpgBreaking up the Bulls coverage, we'll swing over to SML:
  1. The Knicks have assembled possibly the most mismatched front-court/back-court combination in the league. Curry and Randolph are beasts on the low post, only the guards are horrible, horrible distributors. It seems like doubling down on the bigs is a certainty, especially with the lack of perimeter shooters. Is there some kind of middle ground where the offense can utilize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of both groups? 
  2. If you're James Dolan, is Isiah still your coach?
  3. Is it just me or does it look like Quentin Richardson is on the Eddy Curry diet? He has 4 chins at this point.
Let's wrap it up with Jack Cobra:

  1. Let's assume Kobe gets traded to Chicago, how long does it take for Scott Skiles to (a) choke him out, (b) get fired, (c) bench him? Honestly, Kobe is probably the worst possible player to land on a team coached by Skiles. Do you think this is a big reason a deal hasn't been made yet?
  2. Joe Smith, Joe Kim Noah, Tyrus Thomas, Andres Nocioni. Every one of those guys seems like at least a decent power forward option, yet the position is seen as the main weakness on the Bulls roster (before Ben Wallace went down, at least). What's the problem? What's the solution?
by Brian on Nov 6 2007
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