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hotseat1108.jpgHere's a recap of all the answers from my first round of questions. After the jump, you'll find my answers to the questions from the other bloggers.

My answers to their questions can be found after the jump...

From Jack Cobra

1. Have you ever heard Andre Miller talk? I firmly believe he is deaf-mute. Can you prove otherwise?

Pretty much everything Andre Miller does assaults at least one of your senses. Everything but passing, that is. His jumper is possibly the ugliest in the league, his hair is a disgrace, he looks slow out there. He looks old. I'm sure he probably has B.O. His passes, though, are a thing of beauty. Put him on the Knicks and they're a contender in the East and he averages about 15 assists per game.

2. What kind of name is Shavlik and can you name the top five players in NBA history with that name (that aren't gay)?

There's nothing gay about this guy (actual picture of Shavlik, by the way.)

ShavlikRandoph_1108.jpgThe name Shavlik actually comes from his grandfather, Ronny Shavlik, who played in the NBA.

From The GM

1. With Iggy not getting his extension done, the 76ers are most likely going to have to max out his contract this post season.  Where does this leave the team financially and does it hinder them from further building around him? 

The Sixers are on the hook for about $39M next year, against the cap, without Iguodala. If they had signed him to an extension in the neighborhood of $55M/5 years, they would've been right around $50M. (This year, they're at $71M). If someone offers him a max deal, they're probably going to be on the hook for about $18M/year so that brings the total to $57-ish. They could afford to sign someone else to a max deal, if they're willing to go over the luxury tax threshold. Obviously, it would've been preferable to sign him at the discounted price, but it's a risk. Personally, I think it was a risk worth taking, because I think he's going to make the All Star team, and he's going to wind up as a top 10 player in the league, but from the Sixers perspective, it isn't a death blow. They have the money to match any offer for him. He isn't going anywhere. The good news is that the only key guy on the roster not under contract for next season is Lou Williams, and it isn't going to take a boatload of money to keep him. They're going to be able to keep this team together and add at least one significant piece through free agency.

2. What if the team is going nowhere this season and he decides that he wants a change of scenery, does Philly trade him before the deadline, or do they wait and try to do a sign and trade deal later?  Or, do they try and convince him to stay and add a big off season free agent? 

He's said he wants to play in Philly, which isn't something you hear too often. I don't foresee any circumstance where he doesn't come back. Sign and trade deals are always polite rapings of the team that signs then trades. God help us if this happens with Iguodala.

3. What do you see happening in the future for Thad Young, Willie Green, Lou Williams, Rodney Carney, and Jason Smith?  These are all young guys that could bring in some trade value if the above mentioned scenario happens.

  • Willie Green - If anyone wants to trade for him, I'd welcome it. He's toned down his act this season, but the chucker/turnover machine is lurking just below the surface. He's signed through 2011 for about $3.5M per year, so I don't know that there will be any takers.
  • Rodney Carney - He's a pure athlete with unbelievable hops and little else at this point. So far, the effort has been much improved this season, but I'm not sure he's got what it takes to deserve regular minutes. His contract is cheap ($1M-$2M per year), they picked up his option so they control him through 2010, then he's a restricted free agent before 2011.
  • Lou Williams - He's a free agent after this season, and I think they should sign him. This time last year I thought he was out-of-control most of the time, and more of a chucker than a point. Since then, he's shown an ability to run the offense, an explosive move to the hoop and an uncanny ability to finish in traffic. He's a piece to build on.
  • Thad Young - He saw his first action last night, and I was a little impressed. He's got a nice handle, he's fast, athletic and he was tenacious on D. The main question is how his outside shot progresses. If he and Iguodala are going to start together, one of them needs to be a legit deep threat. Iguodala's working on his jumper, but I'm not sure he'll ever be a marksman. Young could be.
  • Jason Smith - Smith impresses me. I thought he was going to be a soft, perimeter-focused big man, but he's nothing of the sort. He plays tough interior D, crashes the boards, and he's got some inside moves. Add to that the fact that he runs like a deer and you've got a solid guy to the play the 4 alongside Dalembert. The outside shot is icing on the cake, as long as he doesn't fall in love with it.
I wouldn't be shocked, or upset if two years down the road Young, Williams, Smith and Iguodala were playing huge minutes for this team.

From Rickhouse

1. It’s been nearly a year since it ended- how do you feel about the Allen Iverson Era in Philadelphia?

I miss it, and I'm glad it's over. Even when the Sixers weren't winning, Iverson made every game a must-watch. That was fun, but watching them win (and build toward something) is more fun.

2. Can Lou Williams be a star in this league? He came out of high school straight to the NBA as a lightning quick guard who’s a little undersized and wasn’t a great shooter. How he progressed through the years for the 76ers?

I don't think he's ever going to be a star, but I think he has a chance to be a very good guard. He's toned down his shot selection, and his assists/turnover ratio is actually excellent. He's learning from one of the best distributing point guards in the league, and it looks like something's rubbing off.

From SML

1.  Holy cow... with the Pacers, Bobcats and Hawks all off to good starts, and the Atlantic Conference looking as strong as advertised (meaning the Raptors, Nets, Celtics and Knicks are all looking good), are you guys the worst team in the Eastern Conference?  And, if so, is that a good thing in terms of rebuilding?

When all is said and done, the Knicks will be in the cellar of the Atlantic, and the Sixers will be fighting for a playoff spot. On paper, I suppose the Sixers have the fewest stars in the East. On the court, they're a better team than quite a few. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts in Philadelphia, thanks in large part to the two Andres.

2.  What free agents do you go after with all the cap space clearing this offseason?  Or do you roll the dice, and trade for a guy like Jermaine O'Neal, and combine him with Miller and Iguodala? 

I absolutely do not trade for Jermaine O'Neal. He jumped ship in Indiana, he's injury-prone, and slowing down. In the offseason, I think there are a couple of names out there (potentially) who would be great fits. Number one on my list is Josh Smith, who will be a restricted free agent. I think his game would fit Philly's perfectly. Atlanta would probably match any offer for him, though. After Smith, two veteran PFs would be next on my list: Shawn Marion and Elton Brand. Probably Brand more than Marion. I doubt Brand is going to want to leave L.A. because of his film career, but I think he's the type of low-post player they need, and also the type of teammate they need to add to keep this tight-knit group together. He'll also be coming off an injury, so his contract may be a bargain. Then again, this may keep him in L.A. so he can drive his price up again before he hits the open market.

The Sixers need to make a splash in free agency, but they need to be smart about it. The last thing they need is to bring a guy like Kobe in who puts himself before the team. Spend the money to fill a need, not just to add a name to fill the seats.

3.  Where's Ricky from Sixers4Guidos these days?  He's had like only four posts since September. 

I think he's still in mourning. Belinelli was available and the Sixers took Jason Smith instead.
by Brian on Nov 8 2007
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