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Piggybank0711Marc Narducci has a good piece today breaking down the Sixers salary cap and luxury tax situation. The NBA announced the cap for upcoming year will be $55.630 million and the luxury tax at $67.865 million.

This is good news for the Sixers, who after signing their first round picks will probably be at about $61 million. This means they can use their full mid-level exception (which was set at $5.356 million) and still remain under the luxury tax threshold.

Will $5.356 million be enough to bring Joe Smith back or bring Darko in? Smith maybe, Darko probably not. What about Mikki Moore?

For a little perspective, teams over the luxury tax threshold pay one dollar for every dollar they are over. The Knicks, therefore, are on the hook for $108,706,042 give or take.

by Brian on Jul 11 2007
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