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The regular season came to an end tonight, and it’s time to take a quick look at my regular season predictions (made at the All Star break) from The Vault.

Here are the predictions, results, and how far off I was.

Sixers: Predicted (27-55). Actual record (35–47) Games off: 8
Celtics: Predicted (23-59). Actual record (24–58) Games off: 1
Nets: Predicted (40-42). Actual record (41–41) Games off: 1
Raptors: Predicted (46-36). Actual record (47–35) Games off: 1 
Knicks: Predicted (34-48). Actual record (33–49) Games off: 1
Magic: Predicted (41–41). Actual record (40–42) Games off: 1

Total games off: 13

Ahh, the irony of ironies, it was my own team, the Sixers that threw off my predictions. I’m probably not alone though, no one expected the Sixers to finish the season 18–11.

Since I’m already rooting around in The Vault, may as well get my playoff picks on the record.


Detroit over Orlando, in 5.
Cleveland over Washington, in 5.
Nets over Toronto, in 7.
Chicago over Miami, in 6.

Chicago over Detroit, in 7. (C-Web effect)
Nets over Cleveland, in 7.

Chicago over Nets, in 6.

Even as I write this I don’t really like these picks, but Miami and Detroit just aren’t what they once were. C-Webb really hurts the Pistons. Age and an ailing Wade really hurt the Heat. The Bulls aren’t the best team in the East, and taking out Miami and Detroit is a tall order, but I think their young legs and Ben Wallace’s interior D take them to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, Toronto relies way too much on the jumper, and this is Vince Carter’s last/best shot to showcase himself for a max contract. Vince/Kidd vs. LeBron/Warm Body will be a great matchup to watch, if it happens.


Dallas over Golden State, in 5. (Everyone’s sexy upset is going to be G.S. I don’t see it happening.)
Phoenix over Los Angeles, in 6. (Kobe wins two by himself, that’s all)
Spurs over Nuggets, in 6. (If the Nuggets played the Suns, I would’ve picked them. But not the Spurs.)
Houston over Utah, in 5. (Never bet against Jeff Van Gundy.)

Houston over Dallas, in 7. (Sorry, Dirk)
Phoenix over Spurs, in 6.

Houston over Phoenix, in 7. (See above, re Van Gundy)


Houston over Chicago in 5. (No free rides in the finals, but this won’t even be a contest.)


by Brian on Apr 19 2007
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