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If the Atlanta Hawks can pull off a game 7 win at Boston today, it will be the biggest Cinderella story since, well, since 18-1, maybe bigger.

I don't know if the Celtics will allow it, I don't know if the league will allow, I don't know if the crowd will allow it and I don't know if the refs will allow it, but I can't tell you how much I want to see it.

If you watched SportsCenter last night something very telling happened. They were interviewing the Celtics "Big Three" and asked who would take the big shot, with the game on the line. Pierce said Ray Allen, Garnett said Ray Allen, Ray Allen said whoever is open. The point being, none of these "superstars" wants to be the one to take the shot. The funny thing is, I bet it would wind up being Sam Cassell, he's the only one with the stones to take it with everything on the line.

The game just got started, today everyone should be a Hawks fan.

by Brian on May 4 2008
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