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True story. After my non-competitive work-league softball game this afternoon I hopped in a cab on the Lower East Side. Usually, cabbies give you any excuse they can think of not to take you to Brooklyn from Manhattan. This guy didn’t. I relaxed in the back seat and prepared to sit in traffic for a good hour to travel the 4 miles home, but much to my surprise we made it over the Manhattan Bridge in about 10 minutes. Five minutes later, we had already cruised up Flatbush all the way to Seventh Avenue. We caught every single light.

If you’ve driven this stretch of road, you realize this absolutely never happens. Door to door from the L.E.S. to Park Slope in a little over 20 minutes. The cab driver turned to me when he dropped me off and said, “Today is your lucky day my friend. You should play the lottery.” He couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Sixers didn’t move up at all in the lottery. They will pick #12, #21 and #30 on June 28th.

The good news is the Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies and Milwaukee Bucks dropped out of the top three. It’s debatable whether the Grizzlies tanked or not, but the Celtics and the Bucks obviously did. At least karma worked in one direction.

ESPN is drawing this excruciating lottery out, commercial break before the top three picks are announced. Somewhere in Mass. Bill Simmons is closing his garage door and starting his engine. You know what, the Celts didn’t deserve Oden or Durant. They deserve Joakim Noah. They’ve had 3 Super Bowl wins and a World Series in the last decade. Not to mention the fact that they completely made fools of themselves with an epic tank job.

The top three were just announced. Blazers #1, Seattle #2, Atlanta #3. Looks like the West will continue its dominance for another 10 years, unless someone can pull off a miracle trade. I have no doubt Atlanta will blow this pick, probably by taking Corey Brewer to play the same position as everyone else on their roster.

by Brian on May 22 2007
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