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In a game that meant nothing for either team, the Sixers came into Auburn Hills tonight and took it to the Pistons to the tune of 102 to 91. Willie Green was unconscious, Lou Williams and Bobby Jones impressed, and Louis Amundson may have earned himself a spot on the roster for next season with his dominant play on the inside.

Willie Green and Louis Amundson are co-players of the game. Green was amazing, 26 points, 5 boards, 7 assists and 1 steal. Louis Amundson deserves his own paragraph.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Louis Amundson, and how he was basically Renaldo Balkman, without the hype of being a first-round pick. The post was met with the question, “Who is Louis Amundson?” Well, Louis Amundson is Renaldo Balkman. In other words, he’s a guy with limited talent, good ups, and great hustle. Put him on the floor for a decent chunk of time, and he’s going to fill up the stat sheet with his hustle alone. Tonight, sweet Lou played 23 minutes, by far a career high, and he delivered 8 points, 11 boards, 4 blocks and 1 steal. Very Balkman-esque, huh?

Knicks fans love to point to Balkman as a prime example of Isiah Thomas’ “eye for talent,” but they fail to recognize that Isiah used the number 20 pick for a guy that’s basically on par with a D-leaguer like Amundson. Both players are good guys to have on your roster, they’re in line with Najara, Varejao etc. They’re good if they’re eighth or ninth in your rotation, and you bring them in for 10 to 15 minutes per game to up the energy level, and they’re very, very easy to come by. Which is why Isiah was criticized for taking him in the first round. And rightly so.

I hope Amundson makes the team next year, he’s probably a long-shot, but sending him in as a banger, enforcer and intimidator will bring some life to the team.

I haven’t said much about the Pistons, because they really didn’t show up for this game. The Princess tried to light up the Sixers early, but after the Sixers reserves hung with the lackluster Pistons starters through two quarters Flip Saunders got the starters out of there and let the scrubs take the beating. Chris Webber continued to hamstring the Pistons with the horrible play Sixers fans are all-too familiar with (5 points on 2/6 from the field in 26 minutes).

The Sixers clinched bragging rights over the Knicks, who continued the foldola with a loss to the Raptors behind Eddy Curry’s 6–turnover performance.

by Brian on Apr 15 2007
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