• Commented on Sixers Destroy 60% of Knicks
    It's much easier to leave Kapono on the court against a team that didn't play it's starting wings or star bigman. Don't read into it too much. Shooting against Roger Mason and Bill Walker ain't quite the same as doing...
  • Commented on Welcome Home
    Forget about Hawes' shooting. I think the biggest value with Hawes is he's an excellent passer while Dalembert is just an offense stopper. Yes it helps that he can shoot when left open, but let's not forget the value of...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Turner has an excellent shot at being that superstar....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Jrue will be a top 20 player in the league? Will he ever even be a top 20 player at his position?...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Regarding Collins thoughts, I generally agree. Brand is solid from the high post but isn't the mid-range factor that Speights or even Hawes is. Playing with a zero like Dalembert on the offensive end is what allows teams to collapse...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    I ran three simulations with my NBA 2K10 ratings & tendencies. Sixers missed playoffs twice and made playoffs once (7th seed, swept by Cleveland). That's probably the best you could hope for from this team. Here's the stats they put...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Well, I tried looking up where I read Collins wanted to be uptempo but instead got a quote that he wanted to be "younger and faster". That doesn't mean uptempo. Jordan/Pippen were pretty young and fast. Ditto for Grant Hill...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Also, guys, I'm curious... why did you pick Doug Collins to be an uptempo coach? His teams are traditionally bottom three in pace factor. 87 Bulls: 23rd of 23 88 Bulls: 23rd of 23 89 Bulls: 23rd of 25...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    I wouldn't be all that concerned with the rebound #'s of the front court. Take a look at the Nets from their Finals run. 2003 Nets DREB% C) Collins: 13.9 PF) Martin: 20.7 SF) Jefferson: 14.4 SG) Kittles: 11.7 PG)...
  • Commented on More Dalembert Thoughts
    One more thing... I still think drafting Turner over Favors is the right play. Holiday/Iguodala/Young is simply not a good offensive unit, regardless of whether the team is starting Brand/Dalembert or Brand/Speights. Favors will be a good defender but he's...
  • Commented on More Dalembert Thoughts
    It's also my hope that Collins realizes that Clippers Elton Brand is dead and buried. Brand's TS% was just .518 last season (compared to .581 in 2007) and at age 31 you're not gonna squeeze much more out of him....
  • Commented on More Dalembert Thoughts
    Btw, I don't mean that Green, Hawes, or Nocioni are QUALITY scorers - just that it's their primary contribution. They need some defensive role players off the bench and Young's the best chip they've got. Since his contract is so...
  • Commented on More Dalembert Thoughts
    I wrote this piece earlier in the night. Basically my view of the trade is that it's a precursor to another trade. The team has too much depth and not enough star power, and with the contracts they're locked...
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