• Commented on Two More Years...Two More Years...
    At least somebody has the guts to call out Harris and Blitzer for the hucksters and asset strippers that they are instead of the BS mantra they have been shoveling to the public the past year about 'winning a championship...
  • Commented on NBA Player Salaries, Ranked ('09-10)
    What always amazes me is all of the rumors of how many of the NBA players will supposedly have difficulty paying their bills if their is a lockout for a year. Making money that rivals Fortune 1000 CEOs and well-paid...
  • Commented on NBA Player Salaries, Ranked ('09-10)
    Ugh. It seems the 76ers have eternally had at least 1-2 'bad contracts' since Billy King became GM. People complain about Willie Green but what about a guy like Kapono? He is in the 84th percentile by salary for a...
  • Commented on Two In A Row. Is It Possible?
    Is it me or as Young's progress actually regressed a bit so far this season even though his overall stat line is pretty similar to last year?...
  • Commented on Two In A Row. Is It Possible?
    Few thoughts: - When Iggy plays within himself (doesn't take a lot of 3s/lazy long jumpers and try to do everything himself on the offensive end) like he did tonight, he is one of the better all-around forwards in the...
  • Commented on Swish Cheese
    You can only go 'up' from here....
  • Commented on Team Shooting Numbers
    The mid-range jump shooter - a nearly dead skill in the NBA....
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    Lou is my least favorite player because of his attitude/demeanor and lack of hustle on the defensive end. He hasn't improved one iota on the defense end (e.g., defensive footwork) and has been in the league now for several years....
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    Lou has actually played better at PG this season than I thought. My expectations were that low coming into the season with him as the starting PG/no veteran PG on the bench. I am willing to give him a pass...
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    He seems like he likes to square up a fair amount slightly beyond the top of the key and he misses alot of them in the process....
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    Best pro basketball fans....
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    No Willie Green? Maybe Jordan will give some of those minutes to Carney tonight so that he can put up some bricks from 16-18 feet....
  • Commented on Rip City Letdown
    Sixers' fans really miss Andre Miller in the pregame show? Besides his ability to throw the best alley-oop in the league to Iggy for 1-2 jams a game, there isn't much I miss about Andre....
  • Commented on How Do You Think We Feel?
    Lynam or Ford? Makes sense although it would be fascinating/disruptive to have Ford coach a team with AI still on the roster. Can't imagine there wouldn't be at least one-two flares up between these two....
  • Commented on How Do You Think We Feel?
    If the 76ers did fire Jordan (worst coach of this team since Doug Moe hands down), who is the interim coach who takes over this job on a half-year basis and what does he hope to accomplish? Also as important...
  • Commented on How Do You Think We Feel?
    Meant to reply "yes" and to me there are a few things that really show this including: 1. Number of FT attempted PG (really down this year to 22.9 a game from 27.0 in '08-'09 and 26.1 in '07-'08). 2....
  • Commented on How Do You Think We Feel?
    No. People seem to piss and moan about how the players haven't bought into the 'Princeton' offense (or whatever Jordan runs because it isn't anything that Carrill ran at Princeton or at Sacramento) but just count the number of possessions...
  • Commented on How Do You Think We Feel?
    Jordan has been pretty horrendous as a coach but those kind of comments from a guy like Spreights really are worrisome. He seems to be fixated on getting his pts a night that he doesn't play hard on defense &...
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