• Commented on Scrapping For Every Loss
    Yes, I live in Russia. City called Samara. Do you live in Philadelphia? How did you become a Sixers fan?...
  • Commented on Scrapping For Every Loss
    Hey, glad to see here another person with some Russian connections. I've been reading this blog for a long time but almost never write anything too. It would be interesting to chat with you a bit if you don't mind....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - July 9, 2011
    I'd like to see Jrue in Krasnye Krylia Samara. He would develop his pick'n'roll game with our true center Primoz "Gangsta" Brezec....
  • Commented on Ten Days
    Can anybody answer me the question? If there will be a lockout what will happen with next year draft? Will Sixers stay at 16? Or there will be the lottery for all teams with somehow calculated chances? It bothers me...
  • Commented on Pick A PG
    For me it's a no brainer. Jrue. Less PR, more talent...
  • Commented on Suggestions, Comments, Concerns
    It's cool about Facebook! I've already uploaded some photos, the only photos I have related with Sixers)...
  • Commented on Suggestions, Comments, Concerns
    1. Everytime when Google Reader or Twitter tell me it's updated 2. Evening and morning 3. 1440x900 4. Google Reader and Twitter 5. Always directly to an entry 6. I think my English knowledge won't allow me) 7. - 8....
  • Commented on The Winning Streak Begins
    Thanks for your thoughts, hadn't a chance to watch the game live. Going to do it soon. Glad to see that about Jrue, I expected that he will be more productive than Turner, cause he have much more experience. And...
  • Commented on On the Outside Looking In
    May be I'm wrong but Iggy have 6-year $80 million contract, havn't he? Gay deal is $81.6 million for 5 years...
  • Commented on On the Outside Looking In
    Rudy Gay has agreed to a five-year, $81.6 million deal with Memphis, including a player option on fifth, his reps at Octagon confirmed to Y! One more proof that Iggy isn't overpaid =)...
  • Commented on On the Outside Looking In
    And they also have Nikola Pekovic now. Big guy from Montenegro....
  • Commented on On the Outside Looking In
    Joe Johnson is gonna sign with Hawks max six-year $119 million contract! Rick Sund is just crazy! I think everybody will be done with that Iggy don't deserve his money after this deal....
  • Commented on Go For Broke
    I'd do it. But a) only for Favors and b) it's unreal anyway...
  • Commented on Worst Matchup of the Year?
    Why am I not living in Philly?......
  • Commented on One Year Ago
    This post depressed me so much......
  • Commented on One Year Ago
    Thanks for Insider-info. I don't have an opportunity to read it. So it would be great to see some more interesting stuff from there in this blog....
  • Commented on Movement
    Sorry to interrupt. I just want to agree with both of you. I don't think Jrue would look much worse than Collison now do in NOH, in that such a system which build around PG so much....
  • Commented on Movement
    Honestly I didn't see enough of that guys, so I rely on your opinion. But they won't solve our problem at 2, will they? So at least if we won't get some luck to draft Turner for that matter we...
  • Commented on Movement
    It seems that Ed Davis will stay in college for one more year. So... Next. Why we need Johnson for if we already have Iggy and Thad? I think he is similar type of player. Same for Aminu. If I...
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