• Commented on The Battle At SG
    Monta Ellis. Iggy trade puts Monta on SG in the starting lineup alongside Jrue and Truner....
  • Commented on More of the Same
    I think that Sixers only play well ball game vs playoffs teams and contenders....
  • Commented on Where To Start?
    1. my choice is Shaq, no dubt! 2. Shaq. 3. Melo Anthony 4. Steve Nash. 5. Shaq and my two picks are Chris Webber and Steve Nash...
  • Commented on What's the Plan?
    Denver recives: Iggy and Kapono. Sixers get: Melo and Love Minny get: Hawes, Speights, Meeks....
  • Commented on Game 11 Thread: PHI @ CLE
    The Game is at 7:00 PM!...
  • Commented on Your Top Five Point Guards: Discuss
    Here is my list! 1st Deron Williams 2nd Chris Paul 3rd Steve Nash 4th Rajon Rondo 5th Derrick Rose...
  • Commented on Bragging Rights
    Ilegal why?...
  • Commented on Bragging Rights
    this is my trade. Win now mode!
  • Commented on Sixers Open On a High Note
    Hawes seems like a homeless!! Are you serious? Iggy for Oden? my godness... Oden will be a RFA next summer....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - October 15
    No identity on this team right now! Collins make his work, put some young picies on the court. I think Brand and Iggy no works on this team... so let's trade both before the deadline. Trade both in a package...
  • Commented on A Sixers Package For Melo
    No way Turner in return of Melo. Can we adquire Melo and Favors in return of Iggy, Thad, Speights/Hawes, Green, Kapono? This will be fantastic for us!...
  • Commented on Crashing the Boards
    Hey this numbers are 'cause he plays against FIBA players... Brand and Mo will lead the Sixers in Rebounds...
  • Commented on Favors.
    Cover It Live!...
  • Commented on Favors.
    i just say... I'm agree with JohnEMagee...
  • Commented on Favors.
    so so year? Buh! johnEmagee...
  • Commented on Favors.
    This move loves me!...
  • Commented on Favors.
    I've had a dream... Turner and Johnson!...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/18
    Don't forget that Iggy and Turner can rebound the bell well at the 3 and 2 spot!...
  • Commented on Dumping Opportunities
    Option B I think is so good if we pick at #11 Gordon Hayward!! I love him!...
  • Commented on Ugh, Let's Go Lakers
    Go Suns Go!!!...
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