• Commented on Keep Stefanski Away From ESPN Today
    I am not the biggest Thaddeus Young fan in the world. But, in addition to March/April of 2009, where he was scoring 20 ppg as a PF, I am pretty sure he was the Sixers leading scorer for the first...
  • Commented on The Max for Joe Johnson?
    Thanks for the update Tom. Hardin and Plaisted could be interesting. Trent has been playing in Europe, so hopefully he has improved his game a bit. Hardin did OK in the D league, hopefully it helped improve his basketball skills....
  • Commented on Welcome Home
    Part of our difference of opnion may be Speights... I do not think he will amount to much, honestly. I hope I am wrong, but his work ethic has been in question since college, and little improvement has been seen...
  • Commented on Welcome Home
    Who got the best player? Kings got the best current player. Who improved their overall roster? Both teams did. Sacramento picked up a defensive anchor Sixers picked up a 22 year old center who has better post moves then anyone...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 6/11
    Luxury tax I would agree. While the Sixers will not make any crazy moved to get urn the tax ( aka trading the #2), I am sure they will at least avoid adding significant salary, and keep enough of the...
  • Commented on Let's Buy A Pick!
    Getting the 8th pick would be amazing, and would give the Sixers the chance to take one of either Udoh or Aldrich. Going past 10 would likely mean neither of these guys would be available, and I am not a...
  • Commented on MLE Target: J.J. Redick
    Makes me wonder though... If the Magic lose JJ, would they be willing to trade for Kapono? Marcin Gortat, or maybe Brandon Bass?...
  • Commented on MLE Target: J.J. Redick
    Orlando would not have cap space. They would just get under the luxury tax. Lewis, Carter, and Howard make 50 million between the three of them next year. I would not be against picking up Gortat, if the Polish Hammer...
  • Commented on MLE Target: J.J. Redick
    I am not against picking up Reddick. If we did pick him up, Kapono would have to be sent packing. There is only room for one 3 pt specialist on this squad, although I would much prefer Reddick over Kapono....
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