• Commented on Summer League & Free Agents
    McRae = poor man's Batum? I'd be happy with that...
  • Commented on A Bill of Goods
    I think Houston's plan B may just be better for them than I saw their plan A working out...
  • Commented on A Bill of Goods
    Welp. I can already tell Exum belongs in this league....
  • Commented on A Bill of Goods
    Like Steph Curry?...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 7/23
    Agreed. However, no amount of weight lifting or donut eating (can't tell which he is doing) will help him learn how to play offense....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - 7/23
    So this year really doesn't matter in the sense that our rotation at the 4 and 5 position is so poor defensively that we have no shot at making it out of the first round (if we even make the...
  • Commented on Collecting Rubbish
    Yea, I don't understand why they would sign Battie. I understand you need a body to fill a spot on the bench and MAYBE play if like 5 people get the flu, but seriously I would have rather signed a...
  • Commented on Keep Stefanski Away From ESPN Today
    Honestly, I think it's pretty ridiculous how low people are on Thad. The only advantage I see to extending him BEFORE the season is possibly a discount based on how terrible he was last year. If he blows up this...
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - July 9th
    I wish Miami would sign Iverson just so he can get a ring. Doubt that would happen though seeing as how Iverson's life has become a mess. Still love that guy though....
  • Commented on Running Out of Gas
    I have to admit that I was hoping to see Evan immediately prove why we made him the second overall pick. But at the same time, I understand these guys are making a transition (college to NBA; position to position;...
  • Commented on Luxury Tax Math
    I'd move Kapono for Beasley...
  • Commented on Luxury Tax Math
    Shaq makes sense in Miami since they need a center and Bosh doesn't need to play in the paint....
  • Commented on Luxury Tax Math
    I hope he chooses the Clippers hahahha...
  • Commented on Luxury Tax Math
    If I were Lebron (knowing that Boozer has now signed with Chicago), I'd rather be in Chicago than Miami. The reason being because Chicago has the better point/center supporting cast. Does anyone agree that the center and point position are...
  • Commented on Showdown With OKC
    One thing I liked about Turner was how he had some swagger...some competitive spirit. Probably just still hesitant in the bigger pond of talent, but I want to see that competitive spirit where he gets fired up rather than the...
  • Commented on The Winning Streak Begins
    Speights played a little better tonight, but he still doesn't know what to do with himself. The only thing that stood out to me tonight was the pressure defense we were able to play. It looked really good and translated...
  • Commented on Summer League Game 1
    Report cards from game 1 are in...of the players who we should care about: Jrue: A+ (Only knock on his play is he needs to hit the free throws) Meeks: A- (Really like how decisive he was when he got...
  • Commented on Summer League Game 1
    Jrue looking like a savvy vet!...
  • Commented on The Max for Joe Johnson?
    I don't mind that we only took one player this year in the draft...this team is two years away from contention. Let our young guys get lots of time; shed our nasty contracts; maybe grab another lottery pick for the...
  • Commented on Thorpe On Turner
    I really hope to get Speights and Thad some time this year. Those are the two players who I think can either be nice pieces to the puzzle OR be good trade bait come the deadline. However, right now their...
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