• Commented on Place Your Bets
    1. I see Lou staying, based solely on the Collins' relationship. 2. Hawes walks, we all breathe some relief. 3. Resign Meeks to short-term contract. One year wouldn't shock me. 4. Allen stays, pretty obvious 5. Andre stays 6. I...
  • Commented on Game 24 Thread: PHI @ ATL
    Any idea what the record is for points in a quarter without a free-throw attempt? 37 is pretty steep....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - January 15, 2012
    1.) Collins and Iguodala. Collins has clearly instilled a practical and successful defensive system and Iggy is the catalyst for it. 2.) I'm gonna say no, just based of statistical likely hood. I'd guess at least top five, and no...
  • Commented on Brackins At The Three?
    I wouldn't worry too much about this. If Speights is moved, which has been reported that they're actively trying to do, Brackins will more than likely fill that role. Occasional minutes, not a lot. Doubtful he becomes something of a...
  • Commented on The Gray Lady Joins the Fray
    Sucks. Even if the NYT or another publication were to do the suggested hard investigative work, unveiling what they may suggest, how much would that actually alter in the owner's persecution of an agreement that massively favors them? Probably not...
  • Commented on Sixers Select Nikola Vucevic
    I put this more on Snider than the others, although they deserve some amount of criticism....
  • Commented on Pressing Questions - June 18, 2011
    1.) No. They aren't the making move type. The team hasn't moved up in the draft's first round in ... wow, I actually can't figure out when. 2.)Less interested. Not because of the weaker overall class (which it is), but...
  • Commented on Scoring Help, Huh?
    I've been running the same statistics up and down: no matter what you run, Ellis is only slightly (very slightly) higher in terms of offensive point production than Iggy was....
  • Commented on The Next Ten
    The Cleveland, New Jersey and LAC games, I'd bet, are wins. I think they'll have a good chance against New Orleans (Kansas City) and the first Boston game....
  • Commented on Game 19 Thread: PHI @ ATL
    They're an insanely streaky team...
  • Commented on An Old Friend Comes To Town
    Sixers usually play Portland well for some reason. They're 4-2 against them in their last six games (since 07-08), plus Portland is reeling right now. Then again, a loss wouldn't shock me....
  • Commented on Sixers Draft Index: 2010-2011
    Really, wrong thread? Dammit....
  • Commented on Sixers Draft Index: 2010-2011
    Sixers usually play Portland well for some reason. They're 4-2 against them in their last six games (since 07-08), plus Portland is reeling right now. Then again, a loss wouldn't shock me....
  • Commented on A Sixers Thanksgiving Challenge
    1.) That the organization has done fairly well with their first-round picks since 2007. 2.) That the organization knows fully well that Jrue and Turner are the future. 3.) That Speight's defense is actually improving....
  • Commented on Ten Games of Rotations
    Most telling statistic I saw doing the rotation research was when Collins had Williams running the point. Through all of the rotations of which Williams ran the point (about 8-10 different ones), the team was a combined -25 on the...
  • Commented on Game 7 Thread: PHI @ NYK
    Lunchpailing. I imagine he'd say lunchpailing....
  • Commented on Anatomy of a Blowout
    "Finally, what more can be said about Kapono? 12 minutes, team worst -5 DP." I see this and still wonder why Meeks isn't allowed to play....
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