• Commented on Game 57 Thread: PHI @ NJN
    This has been really hard to watch. This new lineup needs to make something happen fast....
  • Commented on Game 44 Thread: PHI vs. MIA
    Not looking good out there. Vuce isn't getting the job done right now....
  • Commented on Game 44 Thread: PHI vs. MIA
    JRUE 4 3!...
  • Commented on Game 35 Thread: PHI @ DET
    ESPN Chat with John Hollinger: Justin (Portland, OR) Who will take the crown from Dwight Howard as the defensive player of the year? Will someone get tired of voting for him, a couple articles get made about player X (like...
  • Commented on Game 34 Thread: PHI @ HOU
    Joe Johnson is out for the all star game, so I am assuming he will also be out for the 3 point shootout. I'm really hoping Meeks gets in despite his recent shooting slump. I actually think he has a...
  • Commented on Andre Iguodala, All Star
    Congrats Andre! Although it may not be the prototypical "all star" season for Andre, he was still deserving of the honor no doubt. His incredible defense combined with his stellar all around game should be recognized. We needed someone to...
  • Commented on Lou Trumps Kobe
    That was him. Stupid question that Doug already touched on it before. And it's also a little hard to understand the dude when he talks....
  • Commented on Lou Trumps Kobe
    Yea, he's really pretty awful. I know anybody following Kate would have act to follow, but man, could this guy be any worse? No analysis, boring game recaps, no insightfulness or thoughtfulness, and he asks really bad questions at the...
  • Commented on Lou Trumps Kobe
    Agreed. We have beaten the bulls 3 games in a row with a few of those wins coming in convincing fashion. While the Bulls should be considered the better team based on what their doing this year in addition to...
  • Commented on Lou Trumps Kobe
    I'm Shocked. David Thorpe over at ESPN is chatting right now and just answered 5 straight questions about the Sixers. I love the attention we are getting but I also have to knock Thorpe down a notch as an analyst...he...
  • Commented on The Third Eleven
    Would that be a Mr. Jodie Meeks???...
  • Commented on The Wizards Must Pay
    Yea, I know it's just another retread. I guess he played so well for us 2 years ago when he put up a whopping 2 points and 1 rebound in 4 minutes of action. Even though I would love the...
  • Commented on The Wizards Must Pay
    Per twitter: Jorge Sierra: Free agent center Francisco Elson will fly to Philadelphia tomorrow for a workout with the Sixers, one source told HoopsHype. I can't say I'm too excited about Elson but one big body is better than no...
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