• Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    Adande says Bynum will re-sign in Philly. Not sure if that's speculation or reporting....
  • Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    Trade as reported by Stein: To LAL: Dwight To Den: Iggy To Phi: Bynum, J-Rich To Orl: Vuc, Harrington, Afflalo, Harkless, at least 3 future first rounders (1 from everyone)...
  • Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    Alex Kennedy from HoopsWorld says framework is agreed upon...
  • Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    JRich contract info??...
  • Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    Some writers had tweeted that they couldnt imagine the deal being completed before Olympics end and Dre and Pau make it through unhurt but Stein's tweet pretty much blows that up....
  • Commented on A Rumor To Get Behind
    ESPN now reporting that the deal is "very close"! Other sources out there have said that Vuc could be going out on our end; HoopsWorld also reported a scenario where Gasol and Harrington aren't in the deal at all....
  • Commented on The Summer of Our Discontent Grinds On
    Here's his full article on the framework. Says we would get Bynum and give up Iggy but that Gasol and Bynum's destinations are fluid and we could end up with Gasol instead.
  • Commented on No Reason For Hope
    Here's the key line of the latest ESPN article about the Dwight trade: Humphries agent, Dan Fegan, is still trying to convince Humphries to settle for a deal that will be guaranteed for just one year. Fegan also represents Howard....
  • Commented on No Reason For Hope
    This. This is the third deal they've done this offseason that is 2 years or less. Not saying they can't still go and do something stupid. But short-term deals seems to be the strategy at least....
  • Commented on Sixers Lock Up Lavoy
    Pipe dream hypothetical: if the Mavs, having struck out on every free agent target to date, put Dirk on the block to start a full rebuild, what would it take to get him and would you do it?...
  • Commented on Sixers Lock Up Lavoy
    Alex Kennedy‚ÄŹ@AlexKennedyNBA Lakers' restricted free agent Devin Ebanks has drawn interest from the Magic, Thunder, Nets, Hawks and 76ers Anyone like this? Have no idea what it would take but it tells me the front office is at least considering...
  • Commented on Sixers Rumors/Ideas/Fantasies Thread
    Woj from Yahoo drops a story on Collins/Thorn power struggle that has going on for 2 years...sounds like the reports are right.
  • Commented on Game 77 Thread: PHI @ BOS - Round 2, Game 5
    This must be the 14th or 15th time this season where the team just goes stone cold for a quarter+ stretch, including about 4 or 5 times in the playoffs alone. Have to find a way to get through those...
  • Commented on Game 77 Thread: PHI @ BOS - Round 2, Game 5
    Thought Dre was fortunate not to get called for this 3rd foul on the Pierce missed 3 ball....
  • Commented on Game 43 Thread: PHI @ IND
    Refs were shit tonight and we didn't bring our D, but Pacers still shot the lights out. But the real key in my mind was that we couldn't get our fast break going at all. On at least 4 or...
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