• Commented on Attitude Counts For So Much
    Not sure if Krstic would get it done, but he is only signed for two more seasons at around 5 mill per. Thunder does hold a huge trade chip in the un-protected Suns 2010 first round pick, but that will...
  • Commented on Attitude Counts For So Much
    Very well put Brian, as this deal made no sense to me either. The Thunder were turned off by Chandler over a toe issue, and it makes me wonder about Charlotte. I guess trading away money could make it easier...
  • Commented on Maybe That OKC Loss Wasn't So Embarrassing
    Wins like that won't be such a surprise now that OKC has bought into Coach Brooks' system. GM Sam Presti started in the Spurs organization and learned how to find players like Thabo. The real question is -- the failed...
  • Commented on Seeking Number Two
    Great points about this being a mismatch, but you can really throw every stat from OKC's side out the window. The Thunder have been a near .500 team since XMas, and that is WITH the brutal schedule from February. The...
  • Commented on 2009 NBA Free Agents
    If anything for OKC, I want a center in the worst way. They have a whole second squad of big men and no true guy in the middle. I wasn't completely sold on Chandler, so maybe the Thunder will surprise...
  • Commented on The NBA's Hometown Heroes
    Damn -- OKC is still bad. But the Thunder do add this year's best college basketball player in Blake Griffin. I know Oklahoma is getting a lot better in producing players so maybe there is still hope!...
  • Commented on Sign Up For An Account
    very cool. now if carbert can figure out the blogger fun, we thunder fans can share in the pity party that has become the 76ers w/o brand...
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