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Don't feel sorry for you. You guys did a pretty good number on the Tigers (who hasn't) and you've never lost 119 games--I think wasn't it 101 in August 2003. You guys have won lots of World Series. You don't know what losing is! You get knocked out in the playoffs in the first round and complain. How many times have the Tigers been in the playoffs. OK, so we did it to you guys last year--that was after we had a five game losing streak to lose our division. At least you guys got your division. You can complain about losing the ALCS or the World Series. Do you know how many times we've even been in the ALCS or the World Series? You've lost more WS than the Tigers but you've been there more often and I believe you've won twice as many as you've lost. I just can't feel that sorry for you.


I still think it's worse to get there and lose than to just be a horrible team. To come so close you can taste, and have it snatched away from you is the definition of cruel torture.

That being said, I wouldn't want to be a Tigers' fan, so I can sympathize with you as well.


Try being a Miami Dolphins fan!

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