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It was a good run (Ha! That was a play on words!) and thanks for the plug!!

I would've preferred getting blown out by the Pats to a game like this. At least you knew the Jets were going to lose. The Eagles are nothing but a cock tease at this point.

Hey!! The Jets were in it until the fourth!! ALL losses hurt - especially in the playoffs.

pokerstar17 on Jan 15 at 4:08

eagles made the game close for one reason... jeff garcia he is clearly the qb of the future in philly didnt even puke one time on the field .. the bottom line are the eagles are a joke and if mcnabb plays that game they lose by 30... and what is andy ried doing punting the ball with less than 2 mins left ??? u might as well forefit .. the only bigger goat is westbrook droppin a key pass that led to the loss i suggest to the depressed fan to re name your dog garcia to save yourself further embarrasment .. what a great day it was

Stop w/ the Garcia nonsense. I already wrote about Westbrook's dropped pass. The punt didn't mean anything. And there is one thing for me to feel good about, I know that you lost your shirt taking the Saints -5.

pokerstar17 on Jan 15 at 14:50

wrong again ... i had the over with the colts in a teaser easy winner.. how can u say the punt meant nothing?? if they pick up a first down ur looking at overtime , by punting they basically forfeit. the saints are a beatable team , as are the bears you should be writing about how the eagles let another superbowl slip away . Choke city .. if u continue to follow these garbage philly teams maybe u should see if u could get the phantoms (minor league hockey team) on the dish then u wont be so depressed. give up on your philly teams they are all a joke. write about andy winning 21 game this year or a rod becoming a yankee in 07

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