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If Mo goes, that won't be the end of it. Ed will shake up the roster as well. Frustrating year, indeed.

I'm not so sure. If Ed believes in the roster he built, he could bring someone in to work with it as constructed. If Mo goes, he's clearly saying the coaching is the problem.

Yeah, and he'd probably be right... at least in part. The team should be doing better and it's pretty clear that Mo has something to do with the fact that they aren't. They're underperforming and the coach has to answer for that.

Problem #2 is the fact that Iggy's playing out of position. Let's be fair... he's a TERRIBLE shooter. When he makes an 18 footer, you can chock it up to luck and not much more. If he's gonna play 40 minutes per game, at least 32 of them HAVE TO be at small forward. Of course, that means we need a genuinely good shooting guard on the roster and we don't have one. Kudos to Willie Green for having a pretty decent season (for Willie Green), but he's obviously not the answer... and everyone knows that, including Mo. As such, he's been rotating in Iggy, Willie, LouWill (ughh!), and occasionally Kareem Rush at that position. That's four different guys and not one of them is even close to a starting SG on a good team.

Off topic - Lou Williams' PER shows the exact problem of PER. If a player shoots better than 30.4% on 2 point FGs and better than 21.4% on 3 point FGs, his PER goes up. So, the more you shoot, the better off you are assuming you can shoot that, which isn't very difficult. Lou is where PER "gets it wrong" IMO. His PER is as high as it is because he shoots at a disgusting rate.

It is funny to note that Speights has been the best Sixer. I agree with many of the findings... most notably that Thad hasn't been good this year and has regressed in many aspects of his game.

Donyell has been the best Sixer, and the best player in the league, by PER, I believe :)

Lou put together a couple of good games in a row. Let's hope he can keep it up.

gdog2004 on Dec 9 at 18:47

Mo is a genuinely nice guy and was a good PG for the Sixers back in the day. Good coach ? Not so sure...
This team is worse in almost every category than virtually the same team as last year PLUS Elton Brand.
Its a no brainer that Cheeks is going to have to go and the team will have to make a move for a shooting guard. If Sammy,Willie and Reggie and a draft pick can do that its time to make the move.
If we are committed to Elton Brand...and I believe we are...than the window I see is about 3 years.
Everyone on this team should be considered trade-able except Speights, Thad and maybe Andre Miller.
This team over the next 10 games will go 4-6.....which would put them at 13-18.
You guys look at the next 10 games and tell me if you can find more than 4 wins...this is a bad team folks. Time to rip it down....

Ed didn't bring in Andre Miller - he's not Ed's guy - and he's gone in the off season.

I'd still like to see the starting 4 and Speights a bit more and see how that group goes - what with Sam's comments today

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