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LeBron Is Coming...

West is out.

Lebron actually spends close to half his time on the court at the 4. They have been working him at the 4 into their rotations for a few seasons now. As of now, he plays 4/7 of his time at the 4 according to 82games with a whopping +31.6 PER per 48 differential at the 4, which is plain ludicrous. His per 36 numbers at the 4 according to 82games is roughly 33 and 9 with an eFG% of 57.4%, which would mean he is shooting like 55% or better from the field. Those numbers are just funny.

He at the 4 and Varejo at the 5 is a cool lineup IMO as well. Varejo is told to take charges, defend the bigger guy, and rebound on both sides which are his specialties. He never has to leave the paint essentially.

I'm gonna cut out of work early tonight I think and hopefully catch the 2nd half of this one.

Ben, really? I read that Gibson is out, West too? Good break.

You sure West is out... I'm not seeing it anywhere really.

I hate Varejao, flopping bitch.

I read it a libertyballers. I have been looking around though and your right, i dont see it anywhere. Maybe he confused west with Gibson.

Must have. Gibson is frail, man.

gdog2004 on Dec 10 at 17:48

Lebron and Kobe are easily the 2 best players in the game. Lebron just keeps getting better...when all is said and done he may go down as the greatest player ever....even better than Jordan.

What about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard?

I'd rather have Paul than Kobe. Thats for sure.

give me howard and i would be happy.

Willie is starting over Thad tonight.

There you have it...Andre Miller posts up a smaller defender.

Ben, you didn't hear that Delonte West thing from me ;).

And I hate Willie, but like the lineup.

AllPhillysports on Dec 10 at 20:16

what do you guys think about the suns and Bobcats trade,Larry can't seem to coach talented players.

Brian, good to see Mo call that timeout at the end of the half there to go with the substitutions putting Lou and Donyell in even though we didn't score.

Keep chewing that gum Elton. Seems like the only thing you can do tonight.

Not Miller/Iguodala - 3/23 from the field right now. Nice.

EB looks like he needs some time on the inactive list. Very little lift, no explosion. And Mo should have pulled the trigger on him earlier and put Speights in instead of with 3 minutes left in the third.

Ugh, not being able to use that reply button is killing me. Hopefully the new design will be up tomorrow night.

Anyway, here goes:

@AllPhillySports: The trade seems stupid from Charlotte's perspective to me.

@Bryon: That was a good move by Mo. They even got the three for Donyell, right? He just missed it.

@Joe: Iguodala was on fire in the first half, then a non-factor in the second. Bad coaching? Not enough aggression on his part? Good defense by the Cavs? All three?

@Bryon again: EB looked glued to the floor tonight, especially on defense. The hammy has to be bothering him. Before the injury he would've blocked three or four shots in this game. Instead, he never even got off the floor to challenge them.

It probably doesn't help that Mo has him sprinting all over the court to run that stupid pick and roll play that never works. I was getting tired watching him, and it completely takes him out of the offense. A play like that you run when it's working. If it isn't, put it in your back pocket and get him the ball in the post. Stubborn, stupid coaching.

@Graham: And I bet he score too, didn't he.

@Ben: I'd take Paul, Kobe or LeBron over Howard, maybe a couple other guys too. He's awesome, but or some reason he doesn't really worry me when you play Orlando. When he can score 30 on you in the low post I'll put him in that league, right now I don't think his offensive game is developed enough to warrant including him on that list.

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