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Baby Steps Don't Equal Wins

Fantasy question: is Dalembert worth keeping (best available players in my league look to be Jeff Green and Joel Przbylla). At his best he gives good rebounds and blocks -- lately he's giving me nothing.

I like Mo, but if what you say is true and he takes the fall, I hope they take a look at Bo Ryan. He's a Philly guy and has the all-time NCAA winning percentage for coaches with 20+ years. No idea if he's interested and probably wouldn't leave his team in the middle of the year -- fun to dream though.

Cavs are 19-3: scary to think what Lebron would do with a good supporting cast.

Sammy is a tough nut to crack. He could get back in Mo's good graces and give you 12/10/2.5 the rest of the way. He could wilt and give you nothing. I think I'd probably hold on to him over those two guys, for the times being.

LeBron would probably average a triple double if he had one legitimate star on the floor with him. 25, 10 and 12.

If it wasnt evident before it has to be now that the main problem of this team isnt the lack of shooting from the 2 guard its the whole team and the lack of moving around, running plays, and just playing good basketball. They need to return to fundamentals. They need to finish plays, stop turning the ball over and get back to playing defense. Thad is struggling to convert and Brand was horrible last night.

Also, I dont really see why Lou Williams cant be the starting point guard. What is Andre Miller doing that Lou cant do? It seems that he is really good at taking it to the rim on the run and he really isnt getting too many other players involved. I say at this point look to trade Miller in his contract year for someone who could be efficient at the 5 or 4 and have Lou/Ivey run the point.

Sammy isn't a tough nut to crack - he stinks - let it go.

I'm sorry - but in the desperate effort to try and save his job last night mo forgot that speights was on the team again.

Lou Williams can't be the starting point guard because Andre Miller has better court vision and better passing ability than Lou Williams...that's why.

Iggy played great last night. Lou was good as well but its his individual talent that is enabling him to score. Certainly no great plays that Mo is drawing up.
Mo will be fired in the next 10 games. And he deserves to be...

I'm beginning to think Elton Brand is becoming somewhat of a bust.
I mean how many great games has this guy had as a sixer ? Good yes...but is he a Max dollar big man ?

Miller may have better court vision and better passing ability but thats worthless unless you use it. Either the team needs to change so we can use Miller for his full potential or we should just trade him and get something for him, Id even be willing to get a first round pick for him. For how Miller is playing now and integrating the rest of the team I dont really see a use for his 10 Million dollars. Lou can do the things we are asking Miller to do right now which is drive into the lane and score when needed. Mo is a smart guy, great point guard. He can help elevate Lou as a point guard with Miller gone.

Whether or not Miller uses it he's still a better point guard than Louis Williams (and he's taller too)...Williams is a short shooting guard, in my opinion, and that's what he should be used as because it's where his strengths lie.

As for making the team work - that's an entirely different issue - on this roster - in my opinion - Andre Miller is the best (and only real) point guard option - a failing of Stefanskis in the past off season (also my opinion) was not improving point guard depth.

Brand Miller isn't a good combo - it wasn't in LA - it's not here...but again, until he fires Mo, I don't expect roster shake ups

I don't believe Elton Brand got a max dollar contract did he? I keep remembering Rashard Lewis Contract - and Brands isn't that big.

I think until Miller is gone and a real coach who knows how to draw real plays to work to ALL players strengths you can't judge whether Brand is a bust or not - additionally he still hasn't played 41 games (half a season) since his recover from a major injury - it's way too early to write off brand OR Iguodala as busts.

It's not too early to know Brand/Miller doesn't work since it didn't work in LA or to fire MO though

It was NEVER too early to fire MO

Im in agreement that Miller is the better point guard however he isnt really playing like it. He is the best point guard on the time but he isnt getting it done, and Im going out on a limb and saying getting rid of him isnt really going to make us much worse, actually I think it would make us better. If we dont trade him now then we absolutly have to trade him before the deadline unless we are on some sick run and can compete with the other power house teams consistently.

Blaming that Clippers' season on the Miller/Brand combo isn't really fair or accurate. Brand's numbers were good, probably better than the year before or the year after. The biggest problem that team had was injuries.

Brand missed 20 games, Maggette missed 20 games, Odom missed 33, Olowokandi missed over 40. Miller was the only guy on the roster to play more than 65 games and he had the worst season of his career (40% from the floor), but his play hasn't been the problem this year, at least not recently.

Well you aren't going out on a limb with me cause I thought the sixers should have gotten rid of him a couple off seasons ago :)

My issue with Miller, regardless of 'improved shooting' (but not improved POINT GUARD PLAY) recently is that he's not part of the future - i really think a long term extension for him is a bad idea, he doesn't fit with brand, and he doesn't like the east coast (and he doesn't show up in shape, or play basketball in the offseason, so maybe his playing better recently is that his lazy off season ass is finally in basketball shape?) - and I don't think THIS roster is anything more than a first round playoff exit...so what's the upside to keeping miller versus getting some value for him now?

Keeping Miller and then letting him walk is as short sighted as the phils not trading Wagner to the red sox when they had a chance at youkilis, shoppach and one other high end prospect

Brian, I've been playing with the ESPN trade machine and here is a three way deal which works. Not sure if this is likely but its fun to think of. We send Willie and Miller to Houston. Houston sends Battier and Landry to Memphis. Memphis sends us Lowry and a player like Hakim Warrick to us. I'm not saying we need Warrick but hes ideal for running, can replace Thad/Willie/Iggy in the lineup in running situations and give us one more option for next year. Houston should jump all over this because their starting five would be Miller,Tmac,Artest,Sciola,Yao, with Green coming off the bench for them. Memphis already has too many PG's, Stoudimire,Conley Jr., and they'd be getting some nice solid players in Battier/Landry who would complement their young raw talent nicely. We would have Lowry/Lou running the point with Ivey coming in as well. We'd have Iggy and Thad still and might even be able to get a nice draft pick for dumping Miller.

Houston isn't making that deal, Battier is much more valuable to them than Miller or Willie would be - plus willie has a pretty bad deal -

Not opposed to trying to get Kyle Lowry - but now that they traded Crittenton and with COnley not working out well he's harder to get from Memphis.

Lowry isn't a long term solution at the point. He's a middling PG, at best, although he's shooting the three much better so far this season.

WHy is it that every time someone talks about future point guards on this team they focus on the FG%...when the hell did a point guards first job STOP being creating for others.

Assuming the sixers hire the coach i want them to hire a point guard who has good vision to see the two guys (Igduoala and Thad) slashing through the middle needing to receive the pass matters more to me than whether or not he can shoot the 3 at an impressive clip.

Seriously, in this day and age people would probably not long all stocktons assists cause he didn't score enough points

If you value a guy who can find Thad and Iggy over shooting, then why aren't you saying we should extend Miller?

You think Lowry has better court vision than Miller? Crittenton? Please.

The future PG may not be fulfilled by Lowry but its not looking like its Lou, its definitly not Ivey and really its not Miller either, so unless we have a blockbuster trade landing us Chris Paul, I dont see us improving it unless its through free agency in 2010 or through future draft classes. I agree its not about fg% but it should be important, having a low fg% though either shows you cant shoot well or arent taking smart shots. Id prefer someone who is quick enough to create his own shot but also can not turn the ball over.

Well it's obvious you think miller is a lot better passer than I do - and he shoots too damn much as well.

And you're ignoring his age - but that's ok - let's assume he won't slow down as he gets older (even though he's already not as good as he was last year, this past weeks amazing play aside)

I think how it works is that if you can't get deron williams, derrick rose, chris paul or the dude in portland you shouldn't trade miller cause he's better now and regardless of how old he is or the fact that he won't re-sign at least the sixers will make a trip to the first round of the playoffs this year - and that's better than taking a shot at building a better team in the future.

I'm a fan willing to take a step backwards if i think ti helps long term goals of winning a championship.

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