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Could The Sixers Have Topped It?

What if they asked for Iggy instead of Sammy?

It would be almost impossible for them to trade iggy this year because he's a BYC. He would have to go to a team with. A ton of cap space, or a third team would have to be involved.

I forgot about the BYC...damn CBA always clogging the way!

The Bobcats settled for flotsam and jetsam from the Suns - and some pretty bad contracts - while trading away one of their 2 best players - and somehow folks think the sixers wouldn't have gotten it done without Iguodala?

Larry Brown and MJ in the house folks - probably could have gotten it done for less than Sammy if you offered "LB" players.

However, if a coaching change is in the works, the roster is static until the coaching change - that's just how i believe things will work - coach first - then roster second - give whatever new coach you want to talk to a chnce to work with what's here.

I'm more irritated that Crittenton went to the wiz then this deal


Diaw was a triple double waiting to happen in Mike D'antonis system - I've always considered Diaw the poster child for 'system player' - perfect for Mike Ds system and below mediocre in all others - Larry Brown is going to rip him a new one daily - can't wait for the LB quotes throwing players under the bus (after about a week) to start rolling - freaking megalomaniac.

This is a dumb trade and the suns stole Richardson (and dudley when you think about it) for useless squat...BTW - dudley does something better than the rest of the sixers roster

I'm not a huge fan of Crittenton. I was looking at Felton's contract, thought maybe he could be a fit in Philly going forward, but he doesn't shoot the three.

I am a fan of Crittentons - unless you watched him a lot in college and didn't like him there - i'm not sure how down on him you could be - he's not gotten much time in the NBA - personally I'd prefer him over Felton and think he would have been cheaper since the griz seemed to obtain nothing last night in that deal...a low cost possible high reward player not in a crappy teams rotatin is much easier to obtain than a guy like Felton who is a starter on a team run by imbeciles who have no idea what they want.

But again, I think Mr Stefanski is waiting until he fires Mo before he shakes up the roster at all...which is a shame, cause MIllers value goes down daily.

You're way off on Miller. He's been the best player on the team over the past 7 days. Writing up a post on him right now.

Well the season has more than 7 days in it and her started off for shizzle.

Miller has two values this season

1. As a player
2. As an expiring contract

2 stays constant - that number isn't going to change - 1 is a variable cause ever day he isn't traded is a day less he helps the team he's traded to.

So - his value as a player decreases daily because the season gets closer to the end and anyone who trades for him is only trading for him for the rest of the seaosn - so i'm not really sure how well he's played in 7 days (BFD, he was total crap at the beginning of the season) matters in my scenario.

PS - during your write up - please examine how bad Brands season is this year and how bad Brands season is the one year he and miller played together in Los Angeles...if i gotta pick one to keep i'm keeping brand

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