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We may not have the Melk-Man for long if the "insiders" are correct. The Braves may move Gonzalez and the Yanks are still interested.

I'm hoping you heard this from a sports talk radio idiot like Mike or the Mad Dog, because I can't find it anywhere and it better not be true. As far as I know, the Yanks could've had Gonzalez if they were willing to part w/ Melky. Ugh, thanks for ruining my day.

paxton17 on Jan 18 at 2:30

im still wondering why doug mientkewitz is going to be out every day 1b . that is the worst idea we had yet. giambino is fine at fist melky and matsui can alternate lf and dh. im still fuming about that move.. by the way take the bears this weekend it will be a blowout

Don't hate on Mike and the Mad Dog!! I put 2 and 2 together with the final paragraph of the ESPN story:
Some baseball insiders are speculating that the Braves might be interested in flipping around Gonzalez as part of a second deal. The Yankees, among other clubs, have expressed interest in Gonzalez.

Hope it ain't so.

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