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brandon on Jan 20 at 9:28

Since I didn't see the game, it's hard for me to comment, but this was clearly a trap game that Heat fell asleep on.

It's obvious from from the box score that the Heat started off slow, probably tired from Thursday night's win over the Pacers, and went to Wade too much throughout the game. Jason Kapono's lack of shot attemps (7), and Jwil's low number of assists (4) only proves that Wade spent too much time with the ball in his hands.

Jason Williams is still hurting from knee surgery and probably did more limping in this game than running. This is only his third back-to-back game this season.

It sounds like this game proves that without Jwil running the offense, the Heat really struggle. Even against the worst team in basketball.

Wade only took 4 shots in the first half. And it wasn't until Jwil came out of the game that the Heat made any kind of move. Jwil is pitiful.

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