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stopmikelupica on Jan 23 at 15:47

Those trades that Cashman made are even more impressive than you give him credit for... getting rid of a 45-year old Randy Johnson while still getting some value is not an easy task. Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson are both tradeable prospects; whether they are in the long-range plans or not, they currently possess more value than an aging Johnson.

And signing Doug Mientkiewicz is a solid, smart move - shoring up the infield defense with a hungry veteran is the kind of move that Stick Michaels would have made in the late 90's (i.e. Brosius). Not giant earth-shaking moves, but all solid, smart choices.

I'm not a big fan of the Mientkiewicz move. More because I think it'll limit Melky's playing time than anything else.

stopmikelupica on Jan 23 at 22:05

Hey Brian,
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