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LeBron's Just Too Good

Mo will coach out the whole season. Stefanski can't do that and save face himself, because he signed EB. Hindsight is always easier but for what we were and I still assume we are, EB is just not a fit for this team and it's makeup. I'm not being negative in any way by saying that. It's just that some players don't blend with particular makeups. Shaq didn't and doesn't fit with Phoenix. J Kidd probably doesn't fit with Dallas. AI undoubtedly won't fit in with Detroit.

It happens.

You hit on some decisions and some you don't. In going back to the hindsight, it is tempting to think what different elements Josh Smith would have brought to our style and 'makeup'.

The Hawks would've matched any offer to Smith. We would've been left without either one if we put Brand on the back-burner. Right now, I'm not so sure that that would be a bad scenario...

I've given this some thought. If we didn't land Brand or Smith the only other guy we may have seriously considered is Ben Gordon. Would he have made this team much better? I'm not so sure.

If we didn't get anyone, we probably would've been under the cap in '09 enough to get someone, but only because we'd be losing Miller. So we'd have enough cap space to sign one guy (Boozer maybe?) but we'd need two for the starting lineup, and one of them would be a point. Unless we signed Boozer then re-signed Miller. Would that really have been a huge difference? Is Boozer that much better than Brand, and would he have meshed with this core any better than Brand has to this point?

I'm not so sure.

Anyway, it's early. There are probably going to be some kind of changes made. I don't think Stefanski is the type of guy to let a bad situation get worse just to save face. Mo's leash gets shorter by the day.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 8:10

I mean, look at Gordon's numbers. He certainly looks like he could help. The thing about Brand is he was supposed to make us better on offense. Be a dependable go-to guy himself and create all these open shots for others. Well obviously neither has happened, he hasn't personally helped us on offense at all and to the extent the latter has, no one on the team besides Thad has been too capable of knocking down the open shots. Now I don't expect Brand to shoot 43.7% all year, but I don't expect the making people better part to turn around much. Gordon on the other hand would definitely have made us better offensively and with our pretty good defense (regardless of what Mo thinks of it), that would've been enough to win 48 games.

I don't know, I mean we'd be better off adding 16 jump shots a game to our offense and zero defense/rebounding/playmaking?

Gordon strikes me as a guy who would make the team with Brand closer to a championship caliber. Without Brand, I don't know.

Plus, he was a restricted FA who was looking for way too much money. We would've either overpaid for him, or the Bulls would have matched and we still wouldn't have had a half-court offense.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 16:48

I mean, yeah, you would. 16 jump shots a game, many of them shot from deep by one of the most accurate shooters of the game - like the guy's true shooting percentage (a stat that includes freethrows and pro-rates threes) is 57.3%. The highest true shooting percentage on our whole team is Thad at 52.7%, good for just 179th out of 318 qualifiers. After that, Miller at 51.7%, Iguodala at 51.4%, Green at 51.1%, Speights at 50.9%, Brand at 48.0%, Dalembert at 47.8%, making them the 260th and 261st most efficient offensive players in the league out of just 318 players - like of course he would help. He'd by be far the most efficient offensive player on the team.

Depending on how much Gordon would have costed, he's younger and would've allowed the team to continue to grow.

With Brand we're kind of stuck with the team and they don't have as much of a ceiling as they would've with a younger, cheaper guy.

I'd love a lineup of Miller, Gordon, Iggy, Thad and Sam and just ran, with Speights and Lou coming off the bench.

That being said, no one would be having this conversation if we were 14-9 or better.

I still would have signed Brand knowing what I know now. Because of all the bad contracts on the team, he was the only logical signing and he gives us the best chance to win now. That being said, I believe Stefanski sees Mo's in over his head. The firing is going to happen very soon. Right now, Stefanski and Lukko are vetting out replacements and biding their time.

You know if they hadn't landed smith or brand there's the novel idea of not over spending on anyone...i don't understand the theory that because you HAVE cap space you HAVE to spend it. If you determine that no one is worth it, you don't use it, or you use it in trades or hold on to it until the next off season and explore better options...the fans still have something to complain about so everyone is happy.

My only problem with the brand signing is i'm concerned about due diligence regarding his injury, i still think somethings going on that is being kept quiet by someone.

Stefanski can fire Mo and be fine, and anyone who thinks he can't, well I'm not sure why you think that. Mo couldn't integrate Brand, ALL of the bad contracts were signed before stefanski got here (no I don't think ed signed any bad contracts last off season)...

Quotes from Iguodala last night are distubring, but unsurprising, as this team often seems less interested in the game as the game goes on, and it's consistent, and that's a failure of coaching AND players, but sadly it's a fact that it's easier to replace the coach and there are numerous reasons for Mo to be fired...and until that happens not much is going to happen...and Mo is on the hot seat and knows it so he'll more coach to save his job than to develop what needs to be developed (Speights and Thad) for the sixers to become a winner.

Usually cap space is a use it or lose it proposition. If they didn't spend it on Brand (or someone else) exactly when they did this summer, it would've disappeared when they extended Iggy and Lou. After they signed those guys they would've had maybe $5M left, or a little bit less than the mid-level.

If they stood pat at that point and waited for Miller to come off the books this summer then they'd have maybe $14M to spend, but now you need a point guard and a power forward or shooting guard, depending on what you did with Thad.

Stefanski made the right call and I firmly believe Brand is the right guy for this team. He's now 30 games back from his surgery, in a new system (if this offense really qualifies as a system). Before he hurt his hammy we started to see what he can do. He had a stretch of very good games. Now he's working his way back into shape again. Knocking the rust off.

Just like Max says below, I'd sign Brand again knowing what I know now. There's something Stefanski said last year that's still true. Getting a shooter without someone the other team has to double doesn't accomplish a whole lot. You need to put that piece in the puzzle for the shooter to be effective.

Brian to say if brand hits those inside shots we win the game is a huge leap of faith. The Cavs are one of the 3 elite teams in the league and the Sixers are one of the 10 worst teams. Moving past that...Mo has the look of a guy who will be unemployed really soon...He does not have a plan for this team and too often they look lost on offense and lack intensity on defense. I am sure Ed is interviewing candidates as we speak. I was sickened to watch J Rich look so good in Phoenix last night..he is just what we needed.

Not really. If he shoots 50% on the touches he got in very good position, the Sixers have about 14 more points. If he's hitting those shots consistently, Cleveland has to pay more attention to him and that opens things up for Iggy. The other guys did an excellent job of getting him the ball where he needs it, when he needs it. He just didn't have the legs/touch to finish them off.

If they had played this game with the way Brand was playing prior to the hamstring injury, it would've been a win.

WHy does everyone focus so much on the two guard as the 'biggest' need and ignore the fact that the 'starting' center has no offensive game whereof to speak and is more lost than hurley

You can win with a center who plays no offense. The Celtics did it last year. Sammy's biggest problem is getting lost on the defensive end. Somehow, Mo kept him more focused last year, probably by giving him more shots than he deserved. This season, he's a non-factor on both sides of the floor.

Well, so much for my theory of Mo finishing out the year. While being made the scapegoat, that doesn't make it fair.

Brian, did E. Jordan coach the Nets at the same time Stefanski was with the organization in some capacity?

Assistant, I meant.

R.I.P. Cheeks.

It finally happened.

3 years running, December has been our month.

Iverson, King and now Cheeks all let go in December.

This was a good move. Cheeks is not a very good coach...but he was a very good role player on the Sixers championship runs.
For all you guys who think it was a big mistake...lets see if he ever gets another head coaching job in the NBA. I doubt it. I like Eddie Jordan...just not sure if stefanski does.

I like Eddie Jordan. I don't like an interim head coach for 59 games. I sincerely hope that is not the case.

My god, I thought it was going to happen soon. But not while I was writing the post earlier. It's never good to see anyone lose their job. Especially someone who means so much to this franchise. Good luck, Mo, in whatever you do.

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