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No Mo Chances

wow, awesome. Mo was a great Philly player and is an awesome person, but just not a good coach. At least this season still has some hope.
I'm really curious to see who gets the job.

This was a good move. Cheeks is not a very good coach...but he was a very good role player on the Sixers championship runs.
For all you guys who think it was a big mistake...lets see if he cheeks EVER gets another head coaching job in the NBA. I doubt it. I like Eddie Jordan...just not sure if stefanski does.
Think about the team we had on paper coming into the season. At that point EVERYONE was happy they got brand..
everyone thought Iggy would progress as well as Lou Williams and Thad. It IS up to the coaching staff to have made this team better than last year...we have virtually the same team as last year with Elton Brand and we are on pace to win 10-12 LESS games. Sorry but that IS the coaches fault.

I got the text in costco and tried not to do a whoop

I don't know that DiLeo is a comment on the assistants. What I thought as soon as I saw the DiLeo name in the text was that Stefanski doesn't want to muddy the waters. No matter how the sixers finish out the season, I think Stefanski knows who he wants to coach this team going forward, and thus appointing someone who has no head coaching aspirations means you can have him work out what's best for the franchise (more thad and speights and less willie and reggie) long term instead of a guy trying to prove he deserves the job.

SAS on ESPN News said the eddie jordan is the long term guy who will get the job (probably after the season) - but he has no inside information - he's putting pieces together and spit balling - but it's a name i liked the moment he was fired - and if Stef wants him to be the guy - it makes sense to appoint a guy who won't want the job but knows the roster.

I have mixed feelings on this, while it's justifiable to question Mo's decision making and rotations, I question the timing of the move. This has Peter Lukko written all over it. Just a week ago, when they were 8-10, Stefanski went on record as saying this start was not surprising. So what changed? After 2 losses to the Cavs (the third best team in the league thus far) we now decide to can the coach? No, I think this move has been in the works for some time. Possibly even scheduled over the summer, originally. But because the team performed well at the end of the last year, they couldn't justify axing the coach then.

This is the first step though, they are going to look to shake up the roster next. Whose safe? Thad, speights, and brand? Iggy, and Lou because they are hard to move as base year players? I can't really think of any other player whose untouchable right now other than Brand and Thad.

Well - if Eddie Jordan is the next coach start thinking about what he coaches.

Miller and Sam and Willie should be on the move as soon as possible for better fits to the Jordan system...this is a long term type of move (as i said earlier) in my opinion. I expect to see more thad and speights hopefully now and less Theo and Reggie as they evaluate who they have (and let jordan watch from afar to see what they have)

Very called for. Not that a new coach will make this team a whole lot better, lot of mismatched parts, but we should at least be playing .500 ball.

We should be playing much better than .500 ball. The team last year played .500 ball, much better for about half the season.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 18:20

But Brand's actually been a minus, and if he really hasn't recovered, that's not his fault.

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