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DiLeo For The Rest Of The Season?

I actually disagree with the basic premise. I'm fine with the 'care taking' role for Dileo while waiting to bring in Jordan. I said so in the other thread, and I'll try and repeat my basic ideas why clearly here.

One - I think bringing Jordan in now would automatically cause unrealistic expectations from fans and folks, and unfairly as well. Jordan would be bringing in a new complex offensive system with a roster of players that don't actually currently have an offensive system. You need an entire training camp to institute the system and I don't think you'd be able to integrate it with the hit and miss practices you have now with games in between. There's just not enough time - I think it would hurt more than it would help.

Second - like i said in other places - i don't think with miller and sam still starting this team is going very far this season anyway - plus if the next shoe drops (brand and his injury) they really aren't going anywhere this season - so you allow DiLeo to coach the team, and while he knows ball, he doesn't want to be head coach - he isn't coaching for the job he's coaching to make the sixers better, which means no fear of 'performance' of the young guys versus playing guys like willie and reggie too many minutes...give Young and Speights some serious minutes and let them get the experience, because for this team to be a serious title contender in the future they NEED Speights and Young to be what everyone hopes they can be.

I can see where you're coming from - but I'm ok with this so far - and I still think there's at least one or two (possibly three) more shoes that will drop between now and Feb 19.

I agree that the young guys need to develop. At the same time I don't think you just flush this season down the toilet. There is a middle ground in there somewhere. We're 23 games in with a roster that may be imperfect, but still has enough talent to get to the playoffs and possibly make some noise when they do get there. I don't want this to turn into 3/4 of a season of training camp. If it does, you've just wasted a full year of Brand's prime, and I'm not sure how many he has left.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 18:17

We could make it, but I don't think we ever had a shot at making noise.

One more point. I realize that it takes a lot of time to integrate a new offensive system. The fact of the matter is that it takes more than a summer to get players used to it. Bring him in now, let the players use this season to learn Jordan's game. Let Jordan be the one to evaluate the talent from up close, rather than from afar. Maybe they pick it up quickly, maybe they don't. But you will get a couple of things out of the experiment.

1. The guys who are still around next year will start the season in a system they're comfortable with.
2. We'll know first hand who can play in Jordan's system and who cannot.

If DiLeo coaches out the string, all we're going to know about the young guys is how they can handle whatever DiLeo's coaching philosophies are. It's going to be guesswork as to whether they fit or not in what Jordan wants to do.

I feel like spending the rest of the season spinning our wheels with an interim head coach is going to lead to another slow start next year, and maybe an endless circle of disappointments. We aren't at that point yet, I want definitive action from the front office.

But here's the contrary point - if you bring in a 'coach' who wants to be an NBA coach - then he's not worried about developing the young guys - he's worried about showing the front office (or other teams) that he can be a successful NBA job to either keep this one or position himself to get another head coaching job.

So you can't bring in a guy who wants the job long term (or any head coaching job long term) and expect him to work through the downs (he likes the ups) of young players when he's trying to build a resume.

If Jordan is the guy - there's also the financial aspect of it - rightly or wrongly - this is a busines...the sixers fired Mo, but they still have to pay him (professional sports is just awesome that way isn't it), and I don't think DiLeo is going to get more money to coach the sixers, so their yearly payroll for 2008/09 hasn't raised...add Jordan and you're probably paying him a prorated 3-4 million while still paying Mo Cheeks.

Now, that's not saying that Eddie Jordan can't, you know, hang out with ed as his guest at some games, and watch and evaluate, i think if this is done rate you can give jordan a head start (supposedly he and stef are friends) in evaluating the current roster, talking to him, hypothetically of course, as to what kind of draft picks or trades could be made that would help the sixers 'if you were the coach'...while he's still collecting his paycheck from the wiz. Ethical? Maybe not, but doesn't cost more moeny and not sure it's against any rules.

Remember, sadly, the sixers are owned by a publicly traded company answering to stockholders in a recessionary market - adding another 3 or 4 million dollars on a budget when i'm sure they're already losing money this year due to poor attendance and such - might not be all that palatable for non basketball reasons - and rightly or wrongly - reasons like that are going to impact basketball decisions

From a financial standpoint, I think they'd make up more than $3M in attendance if they brought in Jordan, or another real coach, for the remainder of the year and salvaged a playoff berth.

Not to mention the fact that extra playing time for Dalembert, Willie and Evans wasn't based on some desire to win to keep his job. It was Mo's poor evaluation of talent and his loyalty to those guys.

If you bring a smart guy in to coach this team, no matter what his motives are (get the full-time job or get a job elsewhere as a head coach), he's going to see that the team has the best chance to win with Thad and Speights on the floor over those other guys.

Besides, Tony Dileo is a COY winner



I saw that :)

Im willing to give tony dileo a chance to earn the head coaching job. Ive talked with him plenty of times before games and he is a great basketball mind. I dont think theyre giving the season up like ed said in the press conference its still early enough to salvage. Stephen A just tries to guess who he thinks is going to be the next coach so if it happens he looks like a genius and if not noone remembers anyway. One thing i would look into would getting tyrus thomas and hughes for dalembert in some way. what would you think of that move?

I want no part of either of those guys. Neither can shoot, both are overpaid.

If the Bulls were interested in Dalembert I'd find a way to get Hinrich.

Id like to get tyrus hes still on his rookie deal. Hughes comes off the books in 2010. but it wont happen anyway. Hopefully theyll use more smallball lineups with brand at the 5 with thad iggy rush instead of the gunner and andre, or maybe lou at the 2.

I still have no kind of handle on what Rush could bring to the table. Someone said he seems to move in slow motion, but honestly, I haven't seen enough of him. He has no rhythm to his shot right now, but you can't really blame him considering he's only taken 32 shots so far.

steve reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 18:07

Exactly, he coudln't get into a rythm because after one mistake Mo would pull him to put WIllie Green in to make 15 mistakes. He was way to loyal to his own guys and that probably let to his downfall. Do you think Tony will reinsert Thad into the lineup? I hope so.


Did you have access to the press conf.? Maybe a summary or the jist of Ed's comments...

From a financial standpoint, I think they'd make up more than $3M in attendance if they brought in Jordan, or another real coach, for the remainder of the year and salvaged a playoff berth.

I think the sixers are screwed this season attendance wise because of the poor start and the recession. Not to mention they didn't sell out playoff games last year...I think that's a risk they aren't willing to take right now...

BTW - David ALdridge (much more respected and knowledgeable to me than SAS and got the shaft at ESPN because he wasn't 'loud' and boisterous like Smith) also believes that Eddie Jordan has the inside track for the job due to the kind of system he runs and a previous good relationship with Stefanski when he was in New Jersey.

Say no to Larry Hughes, and honestly, I'm already ready to write both Noah and Thomas off as busts (i never liked noah) but would be interested in Hinrich and even if Sam is terrible the Bulls could actually USE a guy who plays center even if it is Sam, but who knows what they're thinking if they can't keep Ben Gordon.

I wouldn't mind Ben Gordon either but how do you keep him?

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