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A New Day

Brian, I'm with you. I'm extremely excited to see the rotation tonight. Also, Hollinger has a pretty good column up in the wake of the firing. It's everything we've discussed here ad nauseam. However, it's interesting he's conjecturing the same thing we have. WE NEED A MIKE MILLER : )

We need a mike miller but how can we get a mike miller and still have a point guard - would they take sam?:)

Thad is back in the starting line up tonight

Max reply to John on Dec 13 at 19:15

I know, who else is starting John, I'm away from the TV at the moment.

Same starting five for most of the year - not even the firing is going to bench sam.

Liking the hollinger article (like when people agree with me :) )

Damnit. Wizards broadcast. Anyone watching the Philly pre-game?

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 19:43

Bummer. Comcast coverage, but Wizard announcers on a night when a little scoop from Dei Lynam would be nice.

Dear god, how is mike james NOT embarassed to have been on supernanny last night.

Seriously if you and your wife can't handle your kids, can't you HIRE SOMEONE instead of showing the nation how pathetic you are as parents?

Crap Yahoo had it wrong - green is still starting?

Great start to the DiLeo era. Fucking willie green starting.

Here's a question to ponder...if Andre Iguodala really is better starting at the 3 and not the 2 - what do you do with Thad?

EB looks pissed. Nice to see him throw down that o-rebound.


Are you tracking Brand touches tonight? I'd be interested to see if there's a change.

Tracking rotations and units tonight, and dealing w/ a crying baby. Maybe I'll go back over the tape for Brand's touches for a post tomorrow.

John reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 19:49

Ah well - baby's always come first (and second and third) I totally understand...i'm just thinking that i'm seeing the sixers go more to brand tonight then i've seen recently

Pressing the Sixers is suicide.

John reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 19:58

It's always nice when the sixers play one of the teams in the league currently worse than them :)

I'm now watching the game with philly announcers...no real scoops yet. They did have a little tribute to Mo in the beginning.

I wonder if Dei realizes her dad is going to be out of a job soon (hopefully).

Max reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 20:01

I once had a friend who had a big crush on her...no, he wasn't doing drugs either.

I dislike the starting lineup...I would start lou at the two, iggy at the three, thad at the 4 and brand at the 5. Then I'd sub speights first off the bench. To hell with the norm. Buy out willie...sammy off the bench.

John reply to Max on Dec 13 at 20:08

I'm all for giving Lou Williams all of Willie Greens minutes (and have been for about a year now) but I don't think you can start that starting five - sam may stink but he does get rebounds.

Nice to see speights in early tonight as opposed to ratliff or evans

At least they're taking the open threes. They aren't coming close w/ them, but they're taking them.

I like their energy tonight, still showing the same flaws but I like the energy.

Man we've had trouble closing out quarters all year.

Zumoff just said Dileo's been named "Head Coach" not "Interim" Head Coach. He made it a point to stress that.

John reply to Max on Dec 13 at 20:09

Zumoff is employed by comcast and the sixers - I wouldn't read too much into it - it's probably just to counter all the national media speculation about eddie jordan

Could be that Stefanski and DiLeo sat down and said, "We can coach these guys." So that's what they're doing. Reggie Evans in the game.

EB is possessed.

Great positioning EB.

Whatever soreness that was left in that hammy sure looks gone now.

He has this look in his eye like, "How am I going to score on you, let me choose the way."

Brand looks incensed. 2nd team still killing us.

Stefanski is speaking with Zumoff and Salmi at the half. I'll jot down the bullet points and post them when it's over.

Nice, thanks Max.

Bryon reply to Max on Dec 13 at 20:34

Appreciate it.

Anyone else notice that Brand doesn't slap fives with Sammy when sammy shoots free throws? I sense heavy dislike there.

I don't blame him.

Good first half on both ends. Interesting that Donyell, Rush and Ivey were all MIA. Not sure if Theo is inactive or not.

Thought there may have been a focus on playing some of those guys to see what they could do. Sp8s looked good.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 20:41

Marreese plays with a chip on his shoulder, like he already knows he belongs.

John reply to Bryon on Dec 13 at 20:46

When he looks at the 'competition' aside from brand for playing time he sshould have a chip that he doesn't play more :)

Best unit in first half:

Sammy, Brand, Iggy, Green, Miller: +9

Worst unit in first half:

Sp8s, Evans, Thad, Green, Lou: -6

They made their best run with the old starting lineup on the floor late in the second: Sammy, EB, Thad, Iggy, Miller.

Nothing really shocking there.

Just saw a clip from Stefanski's presser. "I didn't feel that we were implementing the philosophy that we wanted."

Seems like an understatement to me.

Guys, I jotted down some notes. I apologize, it's brief but they went fast and my 1 year old kept stealing my pen : ) Here's what was basically communicated.

Question: Why make the coaching change?
Stefanski: Reviewing the season thus far we haven't seen the progression we should be seeing. We obviously had "high expectations" coming in and we haven't lived up to them. We don't like the inconsistency on both ends of the floor.

Question: What make the change now?
Stefanski: We are only 23 games into the season and we feel the season is not lost. It's a good opportunity to get a fresh perspective and turn things around now.

Question: Will there be player changes?
Stefanski: At this point we just want to see the team play with the same style and intensity we saw at the end of the season last year. We feel we have the personnel to at least do that.

Question: How hard was it to let Mo go?
Stefanski: It was very tough. Mo is a class guy blah blah blah...but we want to keep Mo in the organization and we've asked Mo to take the holidays and think over another opportunity after the holidays. Mo's a sixer for life and we'd like nothing more than to keep him in the family. I have no doubt he'll get another opportunity down the line.

Question: Mo give any feedback on his way out?
Stefanski: He just said he wish things had been different and that he thinks everyone gave their best and it wasn't enough. (Mo is class all the way)

Question: What about Dileo?
Stefanski: "Tony is the head coach until the end of the season". We are looking to turn the season around and nobody knows the players on this roster better than Tony. We will deal with everything else after the season.

Question: Why not Jim Lynam?
Stefanski: Dileo knows the players, he scouted them, drafted them and has really known these players throughout their time here plus we need a "fresh outline" on things. I've spoken with Jim and he's 100% on board with this.

Question: Deadline? If poor play continues will be see activity building up to the deadline?
Stefanski: Right now we believe in the team and pieces we have. No changes right now. Just change from a basketball style of play perspective.

Thanks Max, great job.

Disappointed that it's DiLeo's job for the rest of the season for reasons stated earlier. I hope he's true to his word and this isn't a white flag. Time will tell.

Max reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 21:09

Thanks, my pleasure. I forget alot of you guys are subjected to enemy broadcasters. Nope, I didn't get the white flag sense at all. In fact, they seem to believe they HAD to do this to save the season. I find that interesting since anyone who know's Mo or his teams know they play there best ball January on. Apparently this season is different. Management didn't think they were going to flip the switch with Mo at the helm.

Also, if you read between the lines, I believe all the stefanski talk about not making deals is a smoke screen. He is chomping at the bit to get rid of a couple of these guys and upgrade. He is biding his time.

Miller has taken 3 shots, has 8 assists. I really think this is his game when other guys are knocking down their shots.

John reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 21:07

Now THAT's my idea of a point guard :)

Chris reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 23:07

I'd been hoping for Miller to play like this all year. He should be thinking more of getting the other guys the ball in position to make plays to their strength than hoisting shots on his own. I read somewhere he has had more 20 shot games this year than Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups put together (two high scoring points).

I'm trying to remember this is the wizards and not get TOO enthused -

Strong third. Basically ran with the starters. EB got a breather, should be ready for a long run in the 4th.

3 striaght turnovers isn't good

Is that sincere applause I hear from the crowd?

Strong win. I'll have my post game up later on.

The whole 4th quarter was garbage time. Well a win's a win, and this one was still much better than the wins we scraped against the Clippers and the Warriors at the Wach.

There are a lot of details to address but 3 positives stand out from tonight's game:

- Daly rebounding the ball well
- Miller having more assists than shot attempts
- Brand making just about every mid range jumper

The Knicks scored 43 against the kings in the 1st quarter in Sacramento tonight.

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