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It's All Downhill From Here

You know who else had a great game last night? Two great games in a row, actually? Zach Randolph. 30 and 13 last night against Houston, 38 and 11 against the Blazers. That'll show those Clippers bloggers who thought trading for Zach was crazy. What do they know? All I know is that, for this team to ever go anywhere, Thad will have to become really, really good, like, substantially better than Brand good, to the point where there's no question about who our franchise player is, and either Miller or Iguodala will have to be replaced with a dead-eye shooter. A better sixth man than Williams would also be very helpful.

I still want to see what they do w/ him when Kaman gets back.

Why so down on Dileo Brian ? You could say the sixers players are at fault for the bad record but pre game preparation and overall motivation fall on the coach.
Cheeks was not getting it done. Lets at least give Dileo a chance.

I'm not down on him. I hated the starting lineup, but thought his rotations were better than the ones Mo was using, especially not letting the scrubs blow the lead in the beginning of the fourth.

I'll definitely give him a chance. My only problem with the move was naming him HC for the rest of the season. Seems like a white flag to me to have a team that was expected to go to make a deep run into the playoffs being coached by a guy who has no NBA coaching experience.

On the other hand, he does know the roster, he's probably the guy responsible for drafting most of them, so perhaps he and Stefanski have a good grasp on what changes need to be made, philosophically, and they'll be able to implement them together.

This post wasn't meant to be an attack on DiLeo. I just wanted to see what type of rotations he used, and I gave you my thoughts on them.

Kind of funny that Brand decided to play like a beast (diving on the floor a couple of times) after 2 somewhat questionable games, that Sammy gave relentless effort and hustle, that Miller looked to distribute rather than score, that Thad didn't settle for the open three instead driving to the hoop. You think these guys got a wake-up call from the Mo fallout that their's or anyone's job may be in question on this team at this point?

Either that or a majority of these guys were actually disgruntled with Mo's coaching themselves in order to display that kind of effort and ball movement. I've never seen EB run the floor like that in any game this year, heck he even dribbled the ball and led the break a time or two. Granted, it was the Wiz so I'm anxious to see how EB shows when the opponent is a better quality along with the hopefully sustained effort by the rest of the crew.

Maybe it was the wake up call they all needed. Up to this point they knew they weren't playing well, but they didn't fully realize the repercussions if things didn't improve. Now they know jobs are on the line.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 13:52

I can only hope that the effort and intensity will be brought on a nightly basis now that they know it is put up or move out time.

But I totally agree with you on the aspect of why not let whoever the coach is going to be go ahead and come in mid-season to implement and work the kinks out. For DiLeo and Stefanski to prove to themselves that this roster they assembled can mesh and play a certain style still doesn't guarantee success after hiring a new coach. But if DiLeo is successful maybe he stays on as he was quoted saying as such. Something along the lines of "if Ed wants me to continue, I will be open to it..." but not verbatim.

AllPhillysports on Dec 14 at 11:16

sports fan crack me up,we didn't like Mo,then when we get rid of Mo,bring in a fresh face and we're still tripping.

Tripping means looking at things with a critical eye and realizing that one game doesn't cure all?

Seriously, Mo was only one of the many issues on this team, and it was just one game for the new coach, and energy comes in when a coaching change happens, let's see where they are in a couple weeks after the 'ice capades' road trip - if you aren't 'tripping' still and suddenly think the sixers are all better i'm not sure what to say to you anyway.

Here's the link to the article


As for willie starting, it's unfortunate but right now Iguodala looks better at the 3 and Young makes the bench that much stronger. Rather see a different starter than willie (like lou) but I think for now the plan seems to be to bring young in as sixth man and start Iguodala at the 3.

Very insightful article from CBSsports by Ken Berger. I forget the poster on here who said this was going to come from Luukko or upper management but sounds like that is what happened.
To give Mo an extension just 3 short months ago and then bring in a piece that forced everyone to adjust their roles from the way they had known them and then can the guy a minimal amount of games in - sounds similar to the Harpring, Kukoc, Big Dog, C. Webb missteps the franchise brought in to ride shotgun with Iverson.

Do you have a link Bryon?

Chris reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 15:03


Here is the article link.

Seems he gets most of his info from some 'anonymous' source. Said source doesn't seem to like DiLeo very much as he's described as a "yes man".

Max reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 15:15

Luukko is the driving force behind this...he was the driving force behind getting rid of King, whom Ed Snider liked for whatever reason. Now he is behind this. Luukko is becoming a very powerful man in Ed Sniders company, comcast spectator, and is taking a more hands on approach with both the hockey team and basketball team. I don't know how I feel about a non basketball man driving basketball decisions.

That Berger article strikes me as a hatchet job.

Here's one from Chris Sheridan that actually includes words directly from Stefanski, rather than a single anonymous source.

The thing that Berger doesn't take into account is that beyond the players not playing up to expectations, Mo made questionable decision after questionable decision. He had to go, and somehow we're supposed to believe that Stefanski was the only guy in the world who didn't realize that, management had to force him to do it?

I don't buy it.

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