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Looking Back On The Cheeks Era

I have no prolem with DiLeo and I dont think it is showing the white flag at all. He did play the game and even has ten years experience as a head coagh in Germany. Lets see what he can do. Im also not sold on Jordan if he does take over next year, what has he ever done? I saw a rumor that Flip Saunders wants to coach again, he has never won a finals before but he has produced some very good offensive powered teams.

I don't really want any part of Flip. I feel like there are guys who can do a lot with a little (Maybe Mo, LB at his best), there are guys who can do a lot with a lot (Phil Jackson, Pat Riley) and then there are guys who can do a little with a lot (Flip.)

Careful how much credit (or blame) you give a coach...Flip was given good talent and some would argue those teams underachieved compared to the talent they had...plus he grates on players quickly.

The Wizards just aren't as good as people think they are in my opinion and their GM gives out some bad contracts...though stealing Caron Butler was a good move.

Jordan has a good offensive mind and the sixers biggest problems are on the offensive end, if he can institute a system that maximizes the talent on the roster (after Sam is gone) more power to him...I've read a bunch of stuff from people whose opinions I trust that indicate that the type of offense Jordan runs is the best option for the roster the sixers currently have...other offense they just don't have the personnel for.

I must admit though, the more baseless speculation the media makes that Jordan is the 'guy' the less likely I think it is to happen...

The more I think about it, the more I think DiLeo taking over is an ego thing. Stefanski really believes in the team he put together and he wants his guy in there to make it work the way he thinks it should work. DiLeo is his right-hand man, so they think together they can make the pieces fit.

The troubling part for me is that I'm not sure what would work better, a complex offensive system, or just simplicity and clarity. "You run whenever there's an opportunity, when there is no opportunity you get the ball to Elton in the post and spread the floor properly."

john reply to Brian on Dec 15 at 13:25

Except this isn't the 'team' that Stefanski put together. He didn't draft Iguodala or Young or Sam, he didn't give Willie Green a long term contract or trade for Iverson and Evans. Much like Pat Gillick didn''t deserve all the credit for the phillies title (as he didn't draft most of the very key players) this is only partially Stefanskis team...Brand and Young and the crappy bench.

I've seen nothing to indicate this is an ego thing, either from Stefanskis behaviors or quote, I think it's trying to read too much into it. I still believe it's just a matter of knowing who the next coach is and not bringing a guy in mid season.

Time will tell. He did sign Brand, extend Iggy and Lou. He's also said repeatedly that he wants to extend Miller, whether that's lip service or not.

His thumbprint is on the roster and I think he believes in this team as constructed, at least believes they're a playoff team.

That doesn't mean he won't make personnel changes in the short term, but he obviously thinks there's more talent here than we've seen this season.

If he extends Miller I'll be sad.

AllphillySports on Dec 15 at 15:08

why does it take a coach to enocurage these guys to play.I do think it was a good move.Mo has 2 shooters that are riding the bench,maybe if he had played marshall and Rush,the record might have being better.Go Sixers

You have to look at the age of guys in this league. Some of them are 18 or 19 when they break in, it's a full time job to keep them focused on playing basketball.

Would like to see a little more of Rush and Marshall as well, a little less of Evans and Green.

Sixers have a real problem....2 of their best 3 players play the same spot. Small forward. and neither can play the 2 guard...

I'm not 100% sold in the fact that iggy can't play the 2. Obviously he hasn't done the job do far, but we're only talking 23 games. The long term answer may be to get a lights-out shooter who can play the two and then give split iggy's minutes between the 2 and 3, split thad's minutes between the 3 and 4. There is good versatility in the roster. They can make it work.

Bart reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 9:24

Here’s my two cents… nothing more, nothing less… so just take it for what it’s worth…

1) From what I’ve read, defense and running are the new mantra. As such, the nine man rotation should include: Miller, Ivey, Willie, Lou, Andre, Thad, Elton, Sammy, and Marreese. No one else gets more than a minute or two, as necessary in unique situations. Donyell and Rush can obviously shoot the ball and Reggie has a ton of heart and hustle, but you can’t play everyone if you want to build consistency.

2) Iggy should play no more than 6-8 minutes per game at shooting guard. The rest of his minutes should come at small forward.

3) This means that pretty much every minute Elton isn’t playing power forward, Thad should be playing power forward.

4) The 40-42 minutes that Iggy isn’t playing shooting guard should be taken up by Willie and Lou. If we don’t make a trade, these guys have to step up and take charge at that position.

5) The “Lou can learn to be a point guard” experiment should be completely abandoned. ALL his minutes should come at shooting guard. When Miller needs a rest, Ivey should replace him.

6) Speights should now be getting nearly as many minutes as Sammy at center… Maybe 27 or 28 for Sammy and 20 or 21 for Speights.

The “Lou can learn to be a point guard” experiment should be completely abandoned. ALL his minutes should come at shooting guard. When Miller needs a rest, Ivey should replace him.

Welcome to my bandwagon :)

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