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Monday Housekeeping

Good a place as any to ask you Brian (and others)

Mike Miller - Minnesota Timberwolves

Don't know tons about him but from what i've read and seen he seems like he's the type of 'answer' for the perimeter shooting issues that wouldn't be too exepnsive to obtain, and not like the wolves need him

I was dying for the Sixers to get Miller in the offseason and I was actually pissed that Minny was able to pick him up in the OJ Mayo deal.

He's a great shooter, good rebounder for his position. Doesn't play horrible defense, and he's been incredibly efficient.

Unfortunately, I think he likes Minnesota and they like him. There was talk of an extension for him right after the trade, but it faded.

If he becomes available, the Sixers should do everything they can to get him. I'm not sure who Minny would want. I suppose they could use Dalembert, but again, it's going to take a special GM to take on Sammy and his contract. (Special means dimwitted in this instance).

After the third coach of the season was fired, i put the over under line at 6 - and i took the over...there's still a couple candidates out there, and my favorite would be if Lebron James made some comments that get D'natnoi fired :)

Hi Brian,

Wages of Wins talks about Cheek's firing (what caused it, is it likely to get better, etc.). Most of the blame was put (particular players) on Thad and Lou plus Elton not playing to his standards prior to his injury. As for the technical reason, he put most of it on decreased shooting efficiency. He compares the Sixers now to the end of Skiles reign with the Bulls.

Here is the article:

Thanks Chris, great article. I'd like to talk about his conclusion for a second:

"What’s not clear is what a coach can do to restore shooting efficiency. After all, if coaches could change the rate at which shots find the net, we would see more consistency with respect to this aspect of basketball."

There is something a coach can do about shooting efficiency, especially where Brand is concerned. He can design offense to get his best player the ball in a position where he can score, and probably more important, he can make sure the rest of the team knows how to space the floor so he has room to operate once he gets the ball their.

Cheeks failed Brand on both fronts. This isn't the soul reason for Brand's dip in productivity, I think it took him longer than expected to get back into game shape, then he injured his hammy again. (Take a look at his stats from the 6 games previous to the hamstring injury: 20.5 points, 10.1 rebounds, 51% from the floor).

It looked like he was back to that form again on Saturday, although he wasn't exactly facing a stout defense.

Thad's drop in productivity can also be laid at Mo's feet to a degree. The offense was basically geared to sending Thad to the weak side so he could be the guy that knocked down the open three. Unfortunately, the ball rarely rotated to him, his role in the offense was marginalized and he was sucked away from the hoop.

I agree that the players' performance is ultimately the reason for the slow start, but when you have guys underperforming like this there are things a coach can do to make the game easier for them.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 15:28

This is what I got out of the article... Why are Miller, Iguodala, Young, Williams, and Dalembert all shooting worse than last year?

Was there a personnel change? Yes. Brand for Evans/Smith.(overgeneralization probably) Should that hurt the 5 players mentioned? No.

Can you blame Cheeks for the drop in shooting efficiency in the 5 players mentioned? No, because Brand isn't going to make the offense worse than Evans was, so they shouldn't be getting worse shots, so guys are missing shots they were making last year.

That is what I got out of it. I agree with what is said somewhat. Why is Miller shooting so much worse this year? Is he taking different shots? I don't think so. I do think he overlooks the players who changed positions most notably Thad because he is now taking completely different shots than he did last year. I like to make excuses for Thad though to cover up his poor effect on games relative to last season.

I think they're all getting worse shots, with the exception of Miller, maybe, because the offense was so poorly designed. The basic plays were throw the ball to Brand somewhere near the post, then everyone stands either in the lane or on the other side of the floor. Or, pick and roll/pop with Brand where the guard may or may not even use the pick, but rarely got the ball back to EB quickly enough to take advantage of the open shot. Or, one guy dribbles around a lot, then tries to go to the hoop, but always takes a shot (usually Lou). Or my personal favorite, the weave at the top of the key which then led to one guy dribbling around and forcing his own shot.

Last year, they didn't run offense very much at all, so a higher percentage of their shots came on the break, or when they had an advantage.

You can also blame the sudden lack of finishing skills as a team. How many fast breaks have they come out of with zero points this season? They were killer on those last year.

I read that horrible piece by John Gonzalez. Pointlessly loud and whiny. What a complete moron.

For those not interested in Jordan - Sacto Media is on the EJ to Sac-Town bandwagon something fierce - if the maloofs want him - they'll give more money - plus i believe they're a better ownership group than the sixers one so it might be a more enticing job

Theus got the shaft. Traded away Artest, Martin's been hurt all year. Still got the boot.

John reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:34

It's not like eddie jordan had a healthy roster all year (or a good team anyway)

PJ Got the shaft as well
Let's see if i can get them all off the top of my head would suck to have to look one up

I think Mo and Mitchell were somewhat justified when you factor in expectations and you had GMs who didn't hire the guys -0 GMs like their own guys.

I think PJ, Theus, Jordan, and I'm not sure how much Wittman got jobbed versus how much Kevin McHale jobbed him and led to his doom.

There are coaches out there who probably should have been fired already.

Sheridan says Jim O'brien could be next if he doesn't pick it up - adds some gravity to the sixers game

Says Dunleavy believes he only still has a job because of his contract size and length - cause sterling is cheap

I think I read in a Sheridan article the other day that Sacto really wanted Jordan. In a sense, Mo getting fired may have pushed Theus out the door. They didn't want the Sixers to get Jordan before they could.

The more media speculation about Jordan the less faith I have he'll go anywhere...all of this just smells like media stories with no basis in fact, so we'll see what happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jordan coaching the Bulls next season at this point :)

No faith in VDN?

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