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What Changes Can We Expect?

AllPhillysports on Dec 16 at 22:18

where you at one time a coach or just a good scout

Neither, I just pay close attention when I watch teams who know how to execute good half-court offense. It doesn't look anything like what the Sixers do out there.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 14:47

Come on B, stop sandbagging! You know you have all those trophies and accolades on the mantle piece. Stop trying to keep it a secret:) I already told you that they overlooked your resume' when they hired Ruland.

Seriously... this is REALLY good stuff, Brian. I remember the first time you posted it. I started observing what was going on and you were absolutely right.

What I don't quite understand is how Brand can keep himself from strangling the other Sixers when they botch things up (in the way you describe it). Hasn't there been at least one practice where he's lost control and flat out screamed at the other guys about their miserable court positioning???

Let's see if anything changes with Mr. DiLeo at the helm.

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